Palace Macabre Ch.3

H. Coyne

Anya meets the most advanced and mysterious member of the Doctor's household: Vivaldi.

Haunted House

Rachel Morgan

No longer do you have to fill in the blanks... Please feel free to leave comments though! Thanks to all those who participated in the fill in the blanks! You gave very entertaining answers!

Chapter 2--Mandatory Volunteering

Matthew Shaw

Dren is invited with leverage to pay Fernando, the mayor of Espalia and a retired pirate, a visit. But when push comes to shove, Dren finds himself agreeing to an offer he can't refuse

No More Happy Endings

Jesse Whisper' Cloutier

A small clip from a bigger story. Very influenced by hours of late night zombie blasting on the tv and console. i actually did it during chemistry, sorta felt like being creative.


Tyler Abbott

I wrote this story a long while ago. Now that I go through and proof-read it, I don't really like it that much. Too many cliche's, I think.

Ice Heart page3

Martin Kupski

first page

The Library

Martha Cundiff

Pulled from the archives of things written for HS Creative Writing (all those years ago), this started as a technical attempt at setting as a character or plot device. It turned into a psuedo tretis on how I view, and my love for literature.

The Cube Triology, Part One: The Cursed Mansion

Jo Frostad

A story about some people that shall investigate what's going on in a mansion. This is only the first part of the story. Maybe i'll put up another part soon. Have patience. Part Two of the triology will soon come up.

Blood and Roses

Danielle Jacob

Braeden Dowle is given a gift. The gift of Immortality. A gift to rule the night as one of the most feared creatures, a vampire.

One Night Fantasy: Part 1

Kathleen Butler

Join Lucy as she enters a strange mansion for one night...

Awaiting Death

Shuo Chen

Ummm...I've made several futile attempts to write good descriptive figurative language for this 'un, but they're just that--futile. Anyway, this originally came from my sympathy for the old and I did this as a kind of practice piece, for me to explore the intellectual, emotional, and spiritual world of the old. Please say something about this piece.

Chapter 1: The Woods Mansion

Kristin Erickson

The first chapter in a novel, telling the story of a supernatural investigator. But what exactly is she herself?

Mad House (Temporary)

Derek Brown

This short story, temporarily entitled 'Mad House', is a modern and quite generic haunted house horror. It's my first stab at a horror, and, even if it is a bit introductory as far as horror goes, bear with me.

The Feast

Ben Marroquin

I've started a new category on my blog titled: Flash Fiction - Micro Fiction. In honor of the new category I wrote a new piece called The Feast. I hope you enjoy it.

Ingeborg: A Stav Magi story

Areidra-Emma Gabourie

a little stav magi story that I wrote last year for an assignment. I seem to have this curse where I write bits and pieces of a novel and never actually put it together....^_^


Maria Elmindreda L

If you live alone in a suburban area, or in one of the poorer districts of a big city, don’t go to the city center at night...

Death's Prelude

Adrienne Romani

This is the first in the 'Death' series - a collection of shorts tied together by the death of a Band at the hands of a Vampire.

The Mystery of The Devil's Arm (Ch. 1-3)

Scott Karr

This is a story I am currently working on. If the story does well, this is a character I would rather like to make a series on. Since this is a rough draft that is still being worked on, it most likely has grammar or spelling errors (although I did try to clean them up before submitting this sample here), so I apologize in advance *S*.

Settling down

Darla Moore

Talyk stops running and settles down for a while. Set in the future.

Angel Cross - Spider

Lisa Karsai

Chapter Seven and end of part one... I won't give anything away other than a new character, a death of a character, and some combat. You're not afraid of a little spider are you?