The Marriage of Robin Goodfellow

Erin Fiddler' Anderson

A fairly out-of-character scenario for everyone's favorite Puck! It's a slightly sloppy ballad I composed to be performed at his wedding in piece I've been working on with Ida for many a year. It may not all rhyme, but it does have mettre.

The Promise (3/3)

Désirée Dippenaar

Kitty's problems come to some kind of a conclusion... in a way... :P

The Journal of Rinya Pyris Part 2

E. Nadeau

As you can see, she's not quite dead yet.


Kristin Crawford

I realize this isn't finished. But I'm happy with what's there so far, and I'm looking for sugestions on the angels' wedding ceremony. So if anyone has ideas, feel free to comment!

Beauty and the Bounty Hunter- Chapter Three

Elizabeth Walker aka 'Moth'

After the destruction of her village Em manages to escape but has she plunged herself into worse danger than before?

Chapter V The Council

Catherine Felt

The Queen and the governors of Venya's Kingdom are deliberating what to do with the Purrlin (Cat - Human) slave population. There is fear that the Purrlin may attempt to overthrow the government, but all Rayne is concerned about are the rumors that she will be forced to marry young Lord Fallon.

Matrimonial argument.

Patricio Gronda

I don't know. It is a strange story (specially for me). I hope you like it. I'm not sure if I do.

Arianae's Promise

Sharon Black

Ember was so popular that I decided to do another fairy tale rewrite- this time, based on the story of the frog prince. See the resemblance? I know, I know, a lot of people are going to say they want more back story, but since I don't plan on doing more, then I'm just going to apologize in advance for it.

Under A Blue Moon- chapter 2

emma hutchinson

Chapter two, another introduction. These have apposable thumbs! There is some serious irony name wise as the story develops.So enter the brothers.

Blue Tango

Katharina Prinz

A story about a wasted life. It was inspired by a Paolo Conte song of the same title.

Far off Land and Unna

Otilia Tena

Love affair between a lady and a knight woman.

Delilah's Prophecy- Chapter One

Laura Lowes

Thanatos is a dark knight and he's about to be sent on a mission to retrieve King Marquiste's next bride. But retrieval isn't easy, Princess Liyana is being held captive by a dragon called Steele and then there's the fact that he expects to be asked to rid the king of his latest bride as he has had to do with the others and after their long journey back to the palace....well things aren't the same and choices have to be made.

The Journal of Rinya Pyris Part 1

E. Nadeau

In a corrupt world where politics are a joke, people keep exploding and there are no anger management classes available, Rinya Pyris writes in her journal

'Stepsister' Part 1: Adria

Rose Po Campbell

Chapters 1 through 5. An introduction is made to our heroine.

I am Gone

Sara Bean

She goes, hidden, into the social affairs of the Royals. What is hidden must be uncovered eventually, lest it disappear entirely. Cinderella-esque, at times.


Abby Goutal

Vignette: Ariane de Verraine takes out her aggressions.

Warped; Prologue and Chapter 1

Rachel Hart

Set in the distant past, in Central and South America. In a time of warring empires and tribes, a young woman is kidnapped from her village. She falls in love with her 'rescuer', the king of the empire she was kidnapped by. When the queen dies, the empire needs a new co-ruler. The young woman wants it to be her, not knowing what dangers will lie ahead. In the form of the king, or the conspirators against the king, her life is threatened, and she has to be stronger than ever before if she is to make it through alive...

The Phoenix

Athene Grele

..... I don't know whether to write more of this story or not... I don't think I have enough plot. Oh well. If you think of anything, tell me and maybe I'll use your idea. :) I love Will, he's so angry.

Sapphire Eyes Part One: The Prophecy

Athene Grele

I have changed the title, and I like it now. This is my newest story, and I love it. It's extremely long and complicated, with lots of details. I spend a lot of time working on these people's culture, but unfortunately none of that shows in this part of the story. Because some of the names are wierd, I just wanted to make it clear: Lise is pronounced lease, NOT lisa. Beryl is like bear with an L on the end. All the others should be obvious.

Beauty and the Bounty Hunter: Chapter Two

Elizabeth Walker aka 'Moth'

Em finally makes the decision to marry Raj, the man her uncle has picked out for her. On the day of her wedding, however, Em's village is attacked by Bella's evil band, who want something Em has....