Mars Mission Immpossible

Aaron Bannister

This is another story I wrote a few years ago. It's not very well-written, but I still like it. I hope to add a prelude and epilogue and a full description and history of the aliens.

March 2030

Chiya Pike

Actually this reminds me a lot of a story someone else wrote, but i wrote this before i read that story!


Joshua Young

It's just the beginning... and normally I wouldn't but something this unfinished up here (At least the Guardians Prologue is a whole section.) but I'm looking for some feedback to see if this is in anyway understandable. This story takes place in the same world as a manga I'm working on with a friend- a solar system in which the sun has shrunk and the Earth is dead, and the remanents of humanity hide away inside 'ARKS', which are part of the orbital ring mentioned here.... Anyway..... Yes, The main character is female, and yes, she is 1500 years old.

Independence Day

Elenna M. Kraft

250 years from now, colonists throughout the Solar System celebrate their Independence Day.

Mars Attack- Prologue

Raphael Leduc

The prologue of a story set on Mars.

The Forest

Sara Dungavell

I wrote this for writer's craft, but what inspired this story was a really scary dream I had when I was little.

Mercenary Prologue

Owen Henry

A beggining to a series that I want to write that I want to be from the viewpoints of several different characters. I also turned this story in to my English Teacher and he declared it to be Hemingway-esque. I suppose I'd consider it a compliment if I actually read Hemmingway...

Beginnings Part One: Survival

Laura Evans

This is a story about my character Jayde and her personal history.

Mars Attack- Chapter 1

Raphael Leduc

An introduction to Jeff, the main character and a sigh at the antagonist, Ying


Martin Murraybrown

This initially was a lashout at a news report that I read...children were injuring themselves trying to kill large locust-like bugs, and the authorities decided that it was the otherwise-harmless bugs, rather than the lack of caution of the children that were dangerous. The story turned into an exercise in writing, rather than a story with a point... as such, it's a member of my Sci-Fi world, and it would be remiss of me not to include it here.

Red - Prologue: Victorian Age Everlasting

alex lefevere

The prologue for a work Steampunk fiction I started writing a couple of months ago.

The Return

Che Joseph Monro

The Martians died out a million years ago.... Or did they? (Illustration by the Author)

Hearts of Space pt 1 (revised)

Heidi Hecht

OK, this has been HEAVILY revised...Sorry to everyone who read it before, especially recently. The Grebsas are minding their own business when they are contacted by pretty aliens. Are they prepared for the consequences?


Andrew Cholewa

I'm not sure, but this *might* be a bit of a cliche among science fiction stories (I haven't read anything like it, but it makes so much sense to me that plenty of people had to have used it by now). Anyway, when I came up with it, I came up with on my own, and it was rather fun to write.


Aron Zell

Earth has an established colony on the Moon and an infant colony on Mars but can it keep them?

Trooper Chronicles: Genesis

Tim Houseman

In the not to distant future, humanity is on the brink of unity. The ultimate goal, the Rift, which will connect Earth, Mars, the Moon, and future colony worlds instantly! This is the story of of a Trooper, an elite military specialist who is fighting to correct the mistake that issued forth from the Rift.

TerraVista Part 1

Kyle Arthur

This is the first part of the story containing chapters 1-3. Anyway I get down to introducing characters and the world they live in here. I also start to uncover some of the plot but you'll see more of that later.

TerraVista Part 2 (section 1 of 2)

Kyle Arthur

This is the first part of part 2 of TerraVista. More of the plot is revealed here including the traitor mentioned earlier. Some more of the characters are also introduced with a little more info than before. Let me know what you think.

chapter 8

ludwine dekker

and continueing..

Red - Chapter One: Near the end, near the beginning

alex lefevere

The first chapter after the prologue of a Steampunk story I started writing a couple of months ago.