The War of Evelon- Chapter Seven

Gene Erno

Burning Questions Gareth struggles with the burden placed upon him by the words of the mysterious stranger.

The War of Evelon- Chapter Twelve

Gene Erno

Gathering at the River Gareth can put it off no longer. He must leave Westdale. He must leave Mary...

Two Worlds Ch 4

Vicci Higginbottom

Kurt and Caleb arrive at the castle to warn everyone about a planned assassination. I have no idea what to call this chapter, any suggestions?

The War of Evelon- Chapter Eleven

Gene Erno

A Gift Horse Gareth would like a new horse, but the horse has a different idea.

Mirror Mirror

Heather Fairbairn

Elena and her friends find out just what happens when you play with forces that shouldn't be reconed with.

Mary and Little Lamb

M. Mockeridge

I had to change the first few lines. They were a tad bit inappropriate. I wrote this at two to three o'clock in the morning when I couldn't sleep.


Nathan Colpitts

A story based on one of the most famous maritime disappearances of all time. I added an explaination that was never found in real life, changed some names, took some creative liberties, and set it in space.

When It Rains It Pours (part III: finale)

Callie Richardson

Wooohoo... the finale of this every-so-clever-and-original myth thing! Sorta sad I the end...............................................................sorta.

The War of Evelon- Chapter Ten

Gene Erno

Dinner With Friends Friendships are strengthened. Mary's secret is revealed to Gawain's chagrin

The War of Evelon- Chapter Four

Gene Erno

The Dark Stranger A mysterious stranger with dark words appears at the Wellington's dwelling.

Something in the closet

Emily Kirsch

Ever wonder if you weren't really just imagining?

David and Mary *poem*

Caitlin Finan

*DISCLAIMER* PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE don't yell at me for being an unholy and godless fiend. Please. I don't mean this as an insult to anyone, it just sprang into my head and... ended up here. I have nothing against the Christian religion, I just thought it was an interesting idea. If that offends you, please press the back button. I won't be mad, really. This was originally designed to be a song, which is why it actually rhymes. Took me forever though.

The War of Evelon- Chapter Five

Gene Erno

A Night on the Town The Festival of Glory has begun. The Wellington siblings enjoy the evening amidst the splendor of Westgate and all it has to offer.

The War of Evelon- Chapter Thirteen

Gene Erno

Hope for Freedom An impromptu wedding ceremony makes for a good reason to leave the dale inconspicuously.

Cerulean Story

Emily Grist

Name Pronounciation: Marques: Mar-kees. Mytga: Might-Gah Gylrea: Gil-Raye The two stories being told link to each other, hence the reason for splitting it up. Ever wonder what would happen if an angel had their halo ripped away? Ever wonder what would happen if you had to relive nightmares? Would you react differently? Would you surivive long enough?

Two Worlds Ch 7

Vicci Higginbottom

I hate how long it has taken me to upload. *sigh* well, the Drama continues. This would have been up a few days ago, but I made a few small errors that had to be fixed. once again stupid inconveniences.... getting really tired of those.

Mary's Magic

Lizabeth McCain

When Mary's brother goes to jail, she ends up in a world she cannot understand or escape.

Blue Skies

E. Hanna

Possibly in a post-nuke future, it's not necessary to know the date. You can read the story and be surprised or you can be very analytical and try to figure the surprise out for yourself : >

Two Worlds Ch 1

Vicci Higginbottom

I first came up with the idea for this story at the begining of the year, so yeah it gonna be a long one. this is the sequal to 'She did it herself'. enjoy. In this Chapter Gunther Arrives at the castle.