Wer 2

C. Seidel

This is the second part of my continuing story, Wer. The twins make it down the mountain, but what shall they find? Dedicated to Cecily, for everything. You rock, Wolfly One.


Sam Binge

the future of my werewolves and its a bad one

Dark Justice: Chapters 4-6

Leigh Me

After saving the mousy Helen from her perverted captors,Justice resolves to help the 'newly sent away,' as they call those sentenced to that prison which her streets have become, acclimate to her new prison surroundings by taking her to Justice's mentor, Suarez. He had taken her in as a child as he did so many others. Surely he would know what to do with this one. But upon reaching the home she finds the walls freshly sprayed with her orphan siblings' blood. A complete massacre. And the young ones herded away save her dimwitted 9 year old brother, Keito who with his ability to contort into small spaces had hidden himself away while the massacre took place. Leaving them asking, 'Why?' and swearing revenge.

Prologue: Escape from the Black Serpent

Laura Engler

One of my biggest faults is that I'm easily dejected. About two years ago (perhaps even more), I had an entirely different prologue for the first book in my big fantasy epic, Serpent in a Cage. I showed it to a friend of mine who's opinion, at the time, meant quite a lot. He didn't like it, and ever since then, I haven't been able to touch the thing. Until now. His biggest complaint was that there wasn't enough action in it, so I tried to approach the story with a more active beginning, although such things have always been hard for me. It was quite a challenge, a long time running, but I've finally completely something I'm satisfied with. Naturally, though, my satisfaction means little, as I'm sometimes too hard on myself, others not hard enough. This is where you come in. I'm desperate for guidance and construction critism on this one. Is it a good prologue? Does it capture your attention, do you find it interesting? Does it spark questions and make you want to read more? Or should I take this back to the figurative drawing board once more? Please. I desperately implore your imput.

Forsaken Genesis-Chapter 3

Brian Murphy

Duel of Fate: Father vs. Sons? Crisis in Akasha: The City of Light Destroyed

The Raven and The Rose

Danyella Edwards

This is a little, ummm, twisted..OK!! VERY twisted little tale that I wrote for my First Period English Class back in 7th Grade. Our teacher assigned me to do a Horror story and this was it. Mind you I don't ALWAYS think like this *snickers* Well no more than 99.9% of the time *angelic look*. Oh bah, onto the story!

Chapter 1: Dark Hunt

D'Angelo Dineen

In this scene the story is introduced in a scene of death and decay, a rather vicious hunt ensues.

Dimitri's Discovery

Angela Kingston-Smith

Dimitri the felinnae-fela (anthropomorphic wildcat) is a peddler, travelling the countryside with only his llama, Babe and the magpie jay, Rumour, for company. And he is about to make a most unpleasant discovery...

The Fall of the Elder

Emilie Finn

An ancient legend of Lauralia. It was an oral tradition for over 1000 years before it was finally written down for King Hawkins in 1113.

Shadow-Dancing, Part 5: The Shattering

Rachel Armstrong

Yay for childhood trauma on a stick! This is how Rowan becomes such a little ball of love and sunshine. I am sooo going to Hell for the things I do to Rowan . . .

The black bible:- excerpt

Richard Henson

This takes place at the end of the first part. it doesn't matter if you don't understand, i'll hopefully put a factfile up shortly

The Priest - End

Maxius Rider

The story "The Priest's Folly" has been cut down into two partsThis is Part 2 of the short storyEnjoy

Tylock: Black Dog of Caen

Yuri Mat

Second story in the Tylock series.

Night of Retribution

Tommy Lee

A boy flees for his life from his hometown in a massacre.

Dark Justice: Chapters 1-3

Leigh Me

In the puritanistic society of late 21st century Earth there remains one bane, one blot upon human existence manifested as an accursed city where street gangs rule and all attempts at order are for nought. A world empire's attempt to remove this last bastion of evil by blotting out the sun, and encasing the city in an opaque capsule backfires as the evil thrives in its new found darkness and the gangs find new ways to torture, oppress and exploit those 'innocents' now unfortunate enough to find themselves captive in the architectural Hell. In this story I'm playing with a different writing style. I naturally write in long, complex sentences. I thought I'd try choppy writing. I envision a dark graphic novel more than a book.

Out The Back Window

Samantha Holloway

one of the stories i turned in as my final portfolio a few semesters back

The Pureland Story: Prologue

Erick Mendez (Mushi X)

This is the prologue to my Pureland story. Don't worry if it seems sudden and doesn't make sense, it's not supposed to until you read farther into the story.

The Doctor's Orders

Vicki Nemeth

This is the first time I've written in such a straightforward voice. Congratulate me. I used to write purple prose. This is only my first draft. I actually finished its tweaks on December 30th, 2004.