Matt's Brain

Janell Poulin

BE WARNED! If you read this, the story will be Spoiled! Ok, I was trying to capture the essence of dreaming; the way dreams work, and how your (or at least my) concious brain and unconcious brain tend to fight things out to have it their way. It's amusing, if strange.


Rachel Miller

This is a short story that I had an idea for. This is the only part actually written. It's called vocabulary because I had a list of vocab words from class, and wanted to try and write them into something... and this is what happened! :3

Unhinged: Chapter One

Nichole H

Karn is falling into a deep depression, as they haven't seen rainfall in months. Erith's neighboring country, Riyandor seems to be the only place looking out for Karn, as Erith idly watches it's little town fall to ruins. A wagon brings Karn some new materials

Monster Hunt

Megan Novak

Judd, a dragon cursed to be human, hooks up with Matt, a pyro, to get rid of a monster that's stopped traffic through the mountains. (In dire need of a better title; suggestions welcome)