Maze of Bodies

Cherie Duarte

This story is basically about a maze of bodies that an elf girl, a human boy and his classmates encounter. They travel through the maze, each group separated, and come to certin fates.


Elizabeth Hawxhurst

This is something I'm working on...I'm not quite happy with it, although I'm not sure how to fix it. Any comments would be greatly appreciated. =] (also, thanks to my friend Dave for coming up with the first line of the story =])


Amy Downum

A horror of religious nature and such. Also a practice in symbolism centering around religious themes. Notice the Seven Deadly Sins? Happy Halloween everyone! :D


Daniel Madche

Just an idea that popped into my head one night. An outcast battles for his long sought after acceptance to a powerful group. 7-10-05

Fantasy Novel Chapter 6

Volker Herfeld

The party descends into the city sewers in order to gain access to the gladiator's quarters.

Inside My Labyrinth

Carrie Ott

I finally decided to write something kind of cryptic - you could take this at face value, but there's a hidden understanding placed underneath this story. It's helpful if you know the story of King Minos (NOT Midas, the guy who turned things to gold. Minos is different). I enjoyed writing this, even though it only took a few minutes. I think it's a unique look into an old story. Roles reversed?The unfortunate...thing...left alone with only his own thoughts to keep him company. A single voice that hearkens to him; the only words to ever fill his ears reveal a bewildering truth. Do you know what he is?

Pyre 2

Layton Aho

Kaiyro has been sent away into the caves where he meets certain individuals...

Two Sides of a Sword

Livia Hammond

This is the first chapter in my story and introduces all the main characters.

Chapter 4

Rebecca Pinto

Would you be afraid to meet a evil talking Jackal. to meet the burning flames of a giant dragon. Would you be afraid of a maze of fear and horrible memories, or a giant black Pegasus with a horrible attitude? Now you will see what Anye feels about these things.


Shuo Chen

These are two nightmares of mine. I don't like the second one too was written 'bout a year ago and I slightly edited it recently. I'm trying to combine the two into a single story...they're whimsical, that's cos they're dreams! Please say something about this piece.

Garden Dreams

Tasha Bridge

You are in a perfect world,but is it real? -unfinished

What time Forgets

Mitchell Clarke

It's an adventurish fantasy story

Joke on the reaper

Aira Stewart

Hehe...umm ok...utter insanity..!!! I dunno what this is about i was just thinking that what if the reaper didn't really know what he was doing...hehe... yes i know im crazy!

Palace Macabre Ch.5

H. Coyne

The maze like manor becomes a wonderland as Anya finally discovers some of the house's strangest inhabitants and learns a secret or two.

The Path of Ascension Chapter 5

José López Vega

Alros, Zadier and Tabagar make there way out of a maddened Isgrel. Little do they know the perils that await them under the ancient city, and the even greater ones without...

Glass Labyrinth

Anita King

One girl's journey to find the will to live again.

Minotaur's Tears -- poem

Anna Smith

This is one of what I call minotaur poetry. This just means that all deal with the minotaur -- as a symbol, as a people, and as my own personal reflection. This is a long one, but then, no one appreciates epic poetry anymore. *grins and shrugs* What can I say, I'm verbose. This is the only poem I have that addresses the original Greek myth of the minotaur. For obvious reasons, I never liked it much. ;)


Ricky Barnett Jr.

A man finds himself in a maze running for his life

The Maze

Rebecca Parker

All Chloe wants to do is eat a bowl of Honey Crisps at six o'clock in the morning. However, a card in her cereal box invites her to challenge a game for a chance to win one million dollars. Unfortunately, Chloe finds out all too soon that the Maze is no game.

The Maze

Imorta Thaw

Written a wile ago as an explanation for a site I think is dead now.