Aix- Truly Me

Stephanie Maynard

Kinda a confession poem for this vampire character in an urban fantasy named Aix .Pronounces Ai(as in I died)-x.Was made a vampire eight years ago and founder of the gang where my sentral char (Cani) lives with Aix's brother, Rethe and lover, Tyll (pronounced Teal) live. Ther's a lot of irony bhind the story of Aix Fenrir, he was a werewolf,a prince if you will the inheitor of the Fenrir estates. His fathe lead the Blood Claws Clan, a werewolf cult organization dedicated to wiping out vampires. Aix grew up learning to kill. He was also very good at it. Kidnapped by vampires at the age of 25 (More like traded places with kid brother Rethe, 11 at the time) he became what he laerned to kill, and was cut off from the glory of the werewolf change for eternity. When he was discovered undead there was a mutiny,. Aix's father was killed, Rethe nearly, their bother denounced them both an became a druggie (died a few years later of overdoes) Basically everything Aix knew, even his belifs felldown around him. Eight years later, these are his confessions...


Alana Poirier

Another rather pointless story...ok totally pointless story...with a lot of pretty imagry. I was just bored and felt the need to express myself in some obscure way. This story is kind of a glimpse into the inner me ( the girl in the story was meant to be myself), and when I realized that it wasn't going anywhere I decided to add the Unicorn in. I guess that's the kind of encounter I always dreamed of, although the writing itself is a little repetitive. A nice light read, again if you like picturing pretty things in your head with not much else behind them.


Samantha Knapp

Something I wrote on a boring Saturday, leafing through pictures and sighing in lonely discontent. You know those days.

wolfe continued.

Mary Parker

this is something I added on to the wolfe thing.

The Prejudice of Truth and Sorrow

ruth david

 story topic - don't judge me, accept me. 

Remember me (poem)

Mary Harrison

Another poem. Kinda morbid, but who cares?

Who am I?

Silvannen Gerrard

This was something I wrote for a practice English paper. The question was 'Decribe yourself." And I only had 45 minutes to do the thing in. It's not perfect as I didn't have time to go back through it and change things, but I hope you like it!Note: This is not an actual description of least, I don't think so......

'Go Away'

Anna Feldberg

This kind of remindes me of 'The Raven' by Poe, but I like it anyway.

A World Of Its Own

Joel Meredith

This is a poem that I wrote concerning me. It's very autobiographical.

Part 1: Journey to Darkness

A. Johnston

A semi-true story with a main character based on me.


Emily Kirsch

A collections of poem for an emotion.

I Loved You

Emily Grist

Luciole Loong's picture is here. Picture = inspiration. Think vampire.

Me in a Box

Stephanie Walls

Short Story ~ Completed: Have no idea where this came from. Its a weird little story that would really be quite an annoyance.

Burn Me a Light Inside

Kevin Hosein


Wings of Love

Melanie Henderson-Lee

An excerpt from the life of one of the many voices inside my head

Abolish Me

Meiko Ji

This was written by Noa, it's copyrighted by her so lay off!!! No stealing! She's so good! I love my fellow author and artist!


Chelsea Stebar

Well, I finally wrote a story about Krepe. Maybe he'll keep quiet now. I hope y'all like it though. I thought it was amusing.


Heather Sargent


Vera Sage' Ursache Koranyi

I was on my way home from some volenteering they made me do at school and another idea just popped in my head.


Holly Dorsett

A simple poem I wrote the other night...I was in an odd mood