A Hero's Beginning

Daniel Nolan

An old hermit-of-a-hero is summoned to help the king, but finds there is more to his quest than what it seems

Unlocked - VII

Emily Kirsch

And we have another chapter. What, am I actually continuing this? Amasing. Introducing a whole slew of new characters in the next chapter... which might be up before this year is out!... or not.

Daughters of Camelot-Prologue

Ashley Rabon

Merlin and Nimue realize the designs of Mordred and begin searching for the legendary elemental mages of old. Teaching seven maidens the ways of ancient magic is not an easy task. Some know of their power, others are just beginning. The hardest part, however, is not teaching them. Rather, it is telling their fathers that the preservation of the kingdom depends on their daughters: Derwen, headstrong daughter of Lancelot; Ceridwyn, innocent heir of Arthur; Aure, timid child of Gawain; Cordelia, graceful daughter of Agravain; Enya, strong child of Gareth; Betha, gentle daughter of Lamorak; and Arianra,fiesty offspring of Gereint. They are the daughters of Knights. Together, they will protect King Arthur and Camelot. Along the way, they'll learn to trust each other. For if they fail, Camelot will fall.

One's Luck - A Short Story

Brian Cook

Well, this is my first selection on Elfwood... I just wrote it recently as well. Gives a bit of a hint of my writing style, but it's mostly just to be enjoyed. This is just a short story by the way, but perhaps I sense a reaccuring character...

Daylight (a poem)

Brian Smith

I wrote this in February 1999...the parallels of life, and the old cliché of 'the grass is always greener on the other side'...

The Ashen Cross

Angela Sasser

Nynia, a young Celtic maiden, walks a world of madness, between the Christian and the Pagan. Between those worlds she finds..the Vampire. If the story sketch is popular enough, I'll turn write a novel version! So get your comments in now!

The Man in the Mirror

Rory Johnson

Another Story about Carone, taking place a little bit before 'Blood Brandy'. This is about Carone seeing the error of his ways.

Desire’s Rose and Temptation’s Obsessions

Kristen Putzer

This is a work in progress, it is about Callen and his brother Nero, they are both vampires and they live in a split world, one side being medieval and the other more futuristic.

The Lorynth Gryphon

Christina Stoppa

This is just a poem about a gryphon... The Lorynth Gryphon to be exact.

Arthallin Majeste - Part 8

Jason Romein

The adventures of our hero continue, following the cliffhanger ending from part 7. This is a reasonably long chunk of literature here, and I'm quite proud of most of it. The end is intriguing, I'm sure you guys will get a kick out of it. Enjoy!

With A Feather

Rosie a.k.a female fred

I don't really think this is that good anymore, and the pointless blurb about the main character's family at the beginning really doesn't make sense.. plus this isn't really finished, but it's all I could be bothered to write. I like the idea, and I liked it at the time I wrote it. Enjoy

Brother, griffin part 7

Elisabeth Kiss

The survivor, Talenos meets a strange person in the wood.


Lindsay Cooper

About a candle and it's lonely home...an old shack.

'Under The Dark' - Chapter 1: The Guild Job

James Page

Ahh, welcome back, young apprentice. I see you're eager for a greater immersion into the dark world of the Master Thief. Well, this is the beginning of a tale of the journey of one such thief, which I invite you to share. I hope the story of one thief may insipre another you on the path to riches. Here begins my story...

The Beginnings and Origins of a Master Thief-The Journal of Jevik.

James Page

Aha! So, I see that you *are* in fact in for a bit of dark thievery...but alas, you'll have to wait just a while. For this, as many a cutpurse has said before, is only the beginning. To become a true Master Thief, you've got to be patient and train yourself to wait for the right moment to dart out and make that snatch...alas, 'tis the same with Jevik's adventures. He has a huge future ahead of him, poor guy, one which I'd love to share with you. And one which I will. Please, do read this to begin, and keep a watchful eye open for the next chapters of this saga of thievery, cunning, and enchantements of the woods...

'Under The Dark' Chapter 2: Morrison's Crown

James Page

Hmmm...the plot thickens! This is the last you'll see of Jevik's city life for a while, as after this, it's off to the woods for...well, I don't know the exact details yet, but it's going to be pretty exciting! So, read on, and do me a favour and please add some comments! They mean so much to me!

The Regent of Souls p2

Sandra Wagner

Chapter 2: Joseph brings Sorieya home with him to Halifax to a very mixed welcome and discovers something going on that is abhorant to both of them

Brother, griffin part 8

Elisabeth Kiss

Dominus Gryphii, Alan and Talenos reach the place where years ago, the amazing Babylon was destroyed.

Are Lyne -The End of a Journey

Yelitza Vélez

Chapter 4! Here is what happens after 'The Beg. of a Jour.' The journey ends, but not Are Lyne's troubles (she rebels and escapes... or does she?) This is part of my modern fantasy series called 'Dreamscapes'.

Are Lyne -Ruth

Yelitza Vélez

Chapter 5! Are Lyne and Rhys have reached their destination. Here, Are Lyne meets Ruth. This is part of my modern fantasy series called 'Dreamscapes'.