Medusa - Fleeting Touch

Mary-Melissa Wilzewski

A classic example of how a poem can get away from me and write itself into something other than I planned. It was originally supposed to be about a more innocent Medusa, naitive about why the men were coming for her; instead, it turned out to be something much more sexual, with the men coming of their own free will to her. (The second of three 'femme fatale' poems I'm working on...)

Lady Medusa (Poem)

Elizabeth Davidson

After seeing serval of those pictures portraying as something more than a monster, I decided to do this. This was written 3 years ago, and it shows.


Amanda Johnson

I wrote this for a school assignment and it was supposed to be a free-verse shape poem *hisses* I wasn't happy. Almost at the point of wipping out a hokey circle poem I was suddenly and almost literally hit with a lightbulb brainstorm. How in the world could 'I' right something like that. I couldn't believe that I had almost conformed. My classmates would have been shocked to say the least.So, this is the result of my on switching. It was originally shaped like a fang. Needless to say I didn't let my classmates down

The Story of Eve

Tiffany Killingsworth

The journal and writing of a non-typical Medusa

Death of Evolution, Creation of an Enigma, Chapter 2

Lacie Scott

This is the second chapter (I've actually finished it, before it wasn't quite done.)


Elizabeth Wilcox

When I first read the story of Medusa, I was--quite frankly--bored by it. But then, I got thinking. . . .

Nightmare in Wonderland Part 2: Alice's Return to Wonderland

Will Tull

Part two of mt Nightmare in Wonderland chronicle, for you fans of the first one, your in for a treat, for first time readers, it's not for the weak at heart.


Xander Pierceton

A free line poem i wrote about the pain of a 'first love,' vs. a newfound love.

Death of Evolution, Creation of an Enigma Chapter 1

Lacie Scott

This is the first chapter of a supposedly dark story (No, Laurel, I'm not suicidal) that I enjoy writing. This is planned out to be a novel, but it might not get that far.

a Lady of the Snakes

Aurora Nightreader

I wrote this after I found a ring that I now allways wear. It is just like the ring in the story. Im planning to write a second part of this.


Melissa Zayas

A retelling of the Greek myth about Medusa the Gorgon. This is the first part.

Poem - Medusa

Samantha Magnus

Nothing like mythological metaphors to express your anger.

Medusa's Story

Laura Welch

A different version of the Medusa myth. 

Look into my eyes (short story)

John Howes

You really have to read this one a couple of times to get the most of it... but its interesting enough on a once through i think. Mind you though i plan to rewrite a bit make it more detialed based on the comments made here so try to leave nice useful comments.

Sands of Anu (2004)

Sarah Bellian

Take some Arabic and Sumerian mythology and set the story in a desert world where it only rains once every two-hundred years. Throw in quicksand, chimeras, a secret society of medusa-like assassins, a flying carpet with a personality disorder and a few gypsies with pyrokinesis. Dump in a normal kid who arrives on his mountain bike via dust-devil and you've got my newest... endeavor. Here's chapter one with a bit of prolouge. Comments always appreciated.

Medusa, The Lamia

Mcky Boyz

Story of an abandoned baby creature, a Lamia (half-snake, half-woman). Was written in 2002 and updated in 2007.

The Clan of Medusa

Morgan Remlap

I wrote this story for my British Literature class we had to reference one of the works we read in class so I chose Heart of Darkness. Keep in mind I'm notorous for not proofreading.