When Kings Meet...

Christopher Yost

A recently discovered document dated back to the early Middle Ages tell an unknown tale of the One and Future King, King Arthur and his meeting with another great king. My own little spin on a King Arthur tale.

The Legend - Chapter 1

Alessandra Meyer

This is (a rather long) chapter to a novel I'm trying to write. I think it's a little weak, I think I should work on the plot some more. Any suggestions? (The second chapter is coming soon. It still needs revisions.)

Dragon Fire Chpt.1

Chad Costen

chpt.1 The Devil in the Eyes of a Dragon


Mellissa Sweeney

this is a contiuation of ferian, the beginning...i'm TRYING, i really am! ^_^

Brethren - chapter 2

Neomi Geva

The second chapter in it the four begin to formulate a plan and Diana meets the imprisoned prince. This is the last chapter I will post here. If anyone is interested in reading the rest just e-mail me at dorland@hotmail.com

Fire Belt -Chapter three

Heather Alley Sellers

Thanks for your patients everyone. This is a rough draft, so please keep that in mind. And if I have grammer mistakes, please point out where they are, so I can fix them. Thanks!

Through a Mirror - 02

SS Olsen

Really just more introduction here...next part ought to be more exciting.

A Meeting of Two Worlds . . .

Kimberly Meisel

This was an urge of the moment thing; not my best, but I like the ending, and 'twas fun to write! CC welcome and appreciated.

Night Meeting (poem)

Chasyn Naskra

Last year (actually a lot longer ago now... four years ago, I think!) I had a poetry unit with my English teacher, and this was a result! It is about the meeting between a man (I suppose that he would be a warrior) and a maiden. I'm not sure if I'm all that satisfied though.

Where will we meet again?

Anna Kompaniets

there's an illustration for that in my gallery

Chapter 4

Opal Parkison

The Kairin search party sets out into the forest and meets Woryla.

The Renquis, Part II: Manus, Gilno, and Fynn

Sarah Smith

Manus, a superb sneaker and excellent elf archer, can get you out when you're both in the tightest of binds, makes his first appearance in this sequel to the Renquis. Gilno and Fynn, gnomes, are both introduced, bringing with them some relief and humor, as well as history and connections. The group comes one step closer to the safety of the land beyond the river Nimae.


nicole shaw

A bastard prince in a stressful dilemma.

The New Kids Aren't Normal (Chapter One)

Anna Feldberg

I don't really have much to say about this story, but I hope that you like it!

The Winter Unseelie's Daughter-Chapter One

Charlene Mattson

In this chapter we meet the main hero, a hunter of the forest whose town is under attack by a savage ice fairy.

Chapter 3:Meetings

Jenna Littleton

Alright, i decided i wanted to put tower of senoj and cypra into the same story so cypra is chap. 1, senoj 2, and this chapter links them...I dont think it's really that good, the Nyq section is better than Shara's

Meet My Master

Chyaz Samuel

I've realised that all of my new stuff is written in the present tense and I really like that style!

City Of Angels-chapter 2

Elisabeth Jones

This chapter is at the theatre group in the evening. this is semi-real life and what inspired me to write city of angels, i kept seeing things like omens... This is also home to the great stripe/strip debate between me and suzi, susannah carrick, if she hasn't changed her name again...

Dragon Fire chpt.2

Chad Costen

chpt.2 A new friend

Dreams of Lies Chapter 1

Jinni Blanchard

This is Chapter 1. Shosha meets someone new, but knows him from somewhere but she doesn't know where.