Memory To Shadow

Bethany Holthof

This story was written for a friend for his English class. Shh! Don't tell! It was inspired by the musical CATS and the song Memory

First Kiss

Elisabeth Jones

written for a competition on Elftown called kissing in the rain. hope you like it.

Silence the Summer Nights - Chapter 3

Emily Hammond

A 'heated' re-acquaintance.

What a Superhero Thinks About at 3 a.m.

Sean Daily

Even superheroes feel the weight of years in the false dawn. One of my favorite poems.

I Am Ambriana

Kimberly Steele

This is kind of a ghost's story...not a ghost story but a ghost's. She popped into my head one night while I was trying to fall asleep and she started telling 'me' her story. I then added the other characters and the ending.

Shreds of The Past

Mia McCauley

Its said that your life passes before your eyes just before you die. And in this case, seeing as how its a brush with death, only a few fragments come up, but maybe what they show is uncomfortable enough.

chapter 9

Opal Parkison

This is another one that was removed for a while because I had been thinking about publishing my story... never mind that. The Children are taken to the house of Lebri and Feriluc before their journey continues. Aivren remembers some bad memories. This is a fairly short chapter.

Quey'la's Bio

Billy Chiam

This biography/memories of a character is a work in progress. It should be done by the end of the year ;) Note: The B'ortha are a race of humanoid, winged reptiles in a universe populated by kzin (large cats) and humans. I consider this my best work.

The captive, Part 2

Tomas Lindahl

This is the second part of my short-story featuring the mysterious character Cort. (NOTE: edited to exclude wierd formatting issues)

Vorlana's Past - Part 2

Christine Augustus

Battle hardened vampiress discovers her sires death, her own ancestry, and a friend's treachery. ((The spell cast in this is entirely made up from my head. Any relation to any language or other made-up spell is entirely coincidental))

'Memory Whisper: A 'Sanguine' Story'

Amanda Braton

Had to do an assignment for Creative Writing class, so I chose to write about Flynn, the apprentice healer. Will be different in the actual story, and there you will already know that love is taboo...

True Memory (p)

Jonathon Parker

An introspective of Tempest, a character in Endless Dance, my novel.


S. Aitakangas

Slightly experimentative, dabbling with repetition and present tense. Inspired by a drawing of Zabina Nilsson's.

Tattered Memory

Jake Mickelson

This is definetly my best poem ever written. It pertained to a lot back then to me, but now it pertains to even more...

Black Rose

Kayleigh LeBlanc

This is just the introduction to a story-in-progress. It's the work of me and a phenomenal writer, Amanda Williams. You should check out her stuff.

The Elite: Chapter One: the Colony 2

Joanne Barnden

bit more...

Orphan Angel - Epilogue

Elizabeth Palmer

The end of the memoir

Heart of Atirien, ch1, pt2

Terese Mörtvik

This is a story of heroes, reluctant and voluntary. This is a story of love, lucky and unlucky. This is a story of fate and being all that you can be, whether it be easy or not, whether it seems right or not. We are who we are and will always be, in life, in death and beyond.

Echoes of the Past

Shuo Chen

Um...I think the 'I' in here is supposed to be r@ped and 'I' is remembering the incident...I can't use that word! Aahh! Please don't go away...there's none of the imagery or offending stuff. Hehe...Anna Kechara has read this...though I don't think she liked it too well...

III: Red Velvet Memories

S.L. Minton

Fledgling Chronicles III