Fire and Water Chapter One

Cheyenne Kai

The first chapter of my novel about a boy who finds out that he is not human, and is forced to fight for both sides in a war for Earth's survival.

Once more for Paradise

Mai Zhang

One Library scholar finds out the danger of missing the forest for the trees.

Part 1: A Fisherman's Discovery

M. Mockeridge

A story based off of this picture in my art gallery. It's about a merman and a man in golden pants.

Hanetsuno: Episode III

Cyllya Chandler

'We're doing this for the children who have yet been born. We're making sure they have a good tomorrow to be born into.'

Fire and Water Chapter Two

Cheyenne Kai

The second chapter of my book. Kaelem has a disturbing dream, and someone comes to his door to change his whole future, for the worse.

TSaTS: Chapter One

Katriana Stevenson

Here's a little ditty in the making, an adventure which involves magic, mystery, romance, etc, etc, starring two well-known creatures of fantasy.

Part 2: 'Do you have a name?'

M. Mockeridge

That title needs work. Part 2 of the merman story. If you haven't read Part 1 I suggest you do that now, however, it's not necessary to understand this one.

First Blood

Joseph Wartick

This is the story of a young merman's coming of age. He has to do a ritual that is necessary to become a warrior in this tribe. Tell me what you think of it! :)

a fish story

Natalie Beckwith, the ungotten

a cute little poem, actully it's a bit to cute

In Deep Kelp

Ashley Wynn

This is part of my first-ever art trade. :D Based on a picture by Kristina 'Aryana' Weiss. 'Trapped!'

Journey To Them Below

Jennifer Watkins

This is about merpeople. Sorry to spoil the surprise, but I was afraid that elfwood wouldn't except it!

The Drowning Girl and the Ocean King'

Taylor Brown

This is a story inspired by the picture 'The Drowning Girl and the Ocean King' drawn by Sofia Bergstrand. So this story is about an unhappy girl and an unhappy merman who find each other

The Fisherman (Part I)

Emily Ranney

Based on the Greek myth of Glaucus and Scylla.

Down under 'poem'

Roxanne L' Thomas

this is a poem that i wrote quite awhile ago so hope you like it..

The Sight I Saw (Poem)

Laura Korska

A poem about a woman who sees a fantastical creature and then spends many years of her life going back to find it again. It is short, but I did not want to make it very long because it would get boring!


Meryl Ferguson

The young Triton Nadair, after years of exile among the humans, realises it is time for him to return home and discover the fate of his father. This is the story of his journey. This story is written jointly with Ana Paula, and is reproduced here with her permission.

A Story (part 1)

Greg Boyer

The main character is revealed... as well as her plight.

A Story (Part 2)

Greg Boyer

NRRRG! I hate these things. Expect to hear more of Eldirial, stuff happens, thunder peals loudly and lightning strikes inaudibly... *insert something profound*

Prologue for 'A Story'

Greg Boyer

This is the prologue, quite obviously, to 'A Story', aptly named, in part because I hate making up fitting names. Anyway, this will cover a bit of the land, and ocean, of a world that I am developing, helping the reader understand, to a degree, why two different races dont get along, and also give an introductory setting.

TSaTS: Chapter Two

Katriana Stevenson

Here's another chapter for all of you...and this chapter's number is lil' ol' two! (::coughs:: No, I'm *not* a poet. ::grins::)