Chapter One

Abigail Taylor

Annabelle-Lee is a young journalist taking her studies abroad and her first two days in Ireland have turned to be quite eventful. She is awakened in the middle of the night by the last person she expects, a half-wolf who has made his living as legendary rock star Tobias Williams.

Envious Death

Josephine Broshears

A short poem about death, I wrote this without inspiration except for the fact of listening to the odd and ends of music.

Midnight Terrors

Tiffany Killingsworth

When was the last time you worried of the monster under the bed?

Black Night, Grey Dawn, White Mourning

Rhonda Jezek

The thought of this girl got to me so I had to write it. It's short because this snapshot of her really tells the whole story. I might revise it later, though, tell me what you think.

Freeze the Moment

Valerie Lamb

This... well, this scares me. I have no idea what it's about, but the fact that I wrote it creeps me out. I got the idea for this at roughly twelve o'clock at night, and it's been insisting I write it down for a day now.

Midnight Chapter 2

Victoria Yu

More of Jenna's world is revealed...You see more of her defiant nature and love for her friends. Also, a little more background of her position in her world. Please comment and enjoy. Constructive Critism will be helpful. *Note: Ok, here's the thing. I'm slow in the beginning, but I swear I will make up for it later.

Midnight Terror 2

Hali Pinson

someone asked me AWHILE ago if i was goin to write anymore the the vampire thing? well i finally made time in my hectic life to type this into my computer since it's just been loungin around in my notebook since before christmas last year...(sad isn't it?) anyway here it is..aittle longer than the first one but it's ok i guess

Midnight Chapter 5

Victoria Yu

Jenna finds herself treated completely different all within a night, but is the new found attention dangerous? She explores her relationship with Kail and soon cannot ignore her own heart. Caught within the dawn of a battle for power, will she survive unscathed?

Three Moons

Harriett Randall

Three tales of an ancient moon and its mischiefs.

Johnny Midnight and the Case of the Worn Shoes

This is the first of the real Johnny Midnight cases. The first story was more of an introduction to his world. This case is based on the faerytale of the Twelve Dancing Princesses.

Midnight Land

Chani Petro

I like the ending.

Awakening: Chapter Eleven

Elizabeth Fitzgerald

Another lesson from the Lionar before Ariel and Sundil face the Adverse.


Bobby England II

A poem about the moon. I tried to give the feeling i get from the full, silver moon, on a cool, autumn night, in a forest.

Mystic Midnight

Adam J. Smith

One of my best, so say my few adoring fans around my

Dragon Flight ~poem~

Erica Martin

This poem is about existing the land of Dragons, it's not very good, I'm not good when it comes to rhyme in a poem, but I hope you enjoy it. ~~Thanks to Gabriella for her advice, I really liked her comment, so I threw it in my poem~~

Midnight in the Garden of Eden

Jason Kong

A poem about two people. Read and discover for yourself.

Lead Me In to Darkness

Christy Kassler

The lord of the night makes a mortal woman his queen.

Sabel Wood 3: Dark Forest

Elizabeth Hanninen

After pinching Granny Lyn's strange book, Brian begins to follow the story of Jessalyn's journey into a land of monsters. Meanwhile Luke and Abigail set of on their own adventure in the night. This time the they'll discover that Sabel Wood is not without its dangers as trouble awaits beyond the mist and truths are revealed.

Midnight Terror

Hali Pinson

a poem, story thing about a vampire's midnight hunt maybe an excerpt from a story i may write, haven't decided just yet

Midnight Ramblings - Remembering to Dance

Stephanie Law

I used to write things like this every couple of days. My 'midnight ramblings' I called them because more often than not, that was exactly what they were. They're more poetry than prose -- attempts to capture a thought, an emotion, or just some fleeting concept. I feel that they are fantasy in a way because they touch on magic, and an otherworld....