Helen Raine

*Recovering from the crash*Meh, I hate this title...if anyone could suggest a better one? Anyway, this is about my half dragon character Thayden when he meets the King of Epsilon (the man who enslaved his race) for the first time. Sorry for the bad description, I promise to upload a more exciting one when I'm not half asleep.*Disclaimer* In this story the character Mialyn belongs to my co-writer Lyndsay Used with permission. All characters copyright to Helen Falls and Lyndsay Gilbert collectively.

08 - A Display Of Power

David Beaumont

Part 8. Bad guy shows what he can do, even though he hasn't even been introduced yet (8 episodes and we haven't seen the bad guy yet?)

Nameless (Part 2)

Keryn Everett

Part two of my hopefully good story. Ok somethings are still unclear at this ponit but I'm still working on it.. and the last part will most likely be edited soon.

I Can Hear You

Garon Whited

Have you ever considered what it might be like to be able to hear what people are thinking? Have you really?

Quest for the Atrium: Ch. 5

Beth Master' Lewis

I know this one is a page or so shorter than the others, but I just couldn't stop it anywhere else, so here you go.

The Night 3 (Lonely Nights)

Brandon Lee

O how the demons can warp the souls and mind of a broken man

Druidic Dreams (a poem)

Brian Smith

This is a poem I wrote...wandering through the bizarre landscape that is my mind and soul. (Written September 1998)

Vampire's Eyes

Cathryn M. Gillespie

Just about what a Vampire might say if you asked him/her what he/she is.

Waking Dreams: Chapter Ten

Holly Becker

Introduction of Amaurea, and the start of Vahie's memory sequence. Finally a bit of explanation as to the waking dreams and mind powers!

Sunny's Creed Chapter 1-2

Queen Carpenter

Most morbid of my writing, yet. It is sci-fi/fantasy/horror, but you have to read a bit to realize that it's more than some crazy girl ranting.

Millennium Moon (story)

Rowen Poole

This is the short story that inspired the lyrics/music (performed by Persephone's Dream) by the same name and also the Persephone's Dream artwork by Elfwood artist Audre.

Prologue to In The Shadows

Amy Chambers

Ive always liked prologues, they can leave you on such cliffs. Anyway, this is the introduction for my first story (yes! There will be more...), In The Shadows. It didn't really take me long to finish, but hey, I like writing. So read and enjoy! Oh! And comment, please?

>Hour Before Dawn<

Scott Gajewski

...And just when you were thinking of something good too!

Truth's Cage (part 3)

Shawn Reed

Welcome to my mind. Take a look at my depression, my sorrow, my bitterness, my pain... take a look.


ME Burnham

Follow a writer and her science-geek friend through one zany conversation. (Oh, and don't take the science TOO seriously because I fudge a bit ^_~)

Double Look ~Poem~

Michael Smith

When to look, when to think, when and what to decide? Make your choice and be wise.


Talis McMullen

Dread is one of my highest ranking muses, so he thinks he can do and get away with whatever he likes. And often times he can and does.

Brianna (Part II)

Jessica Burton

Part two.

Blessed Eternia - Chapter 2

Steven Cooper

After the battle for Sendon, the heroes decide to embark on a journey to warn the rest of the borderlands of the impending attacks.

The Hero

ruth david

 a short story about a man desperate to do the right thing but twisted mad by a voice inside his mind