Mare Maris (Sea)

Matthew Deagle

Just a somewhat surreal little thing describing the sea... Related to a character in a fantasy story I'm writing... I gave this to a friend once as a gift, I believe...but that doesn't mean I can't put it in Elfwood... Kind of a Celtic/Maritime air about it...and with good reason... The story I mentioned has to do much with Faeries, which as you hopefully know, were (and are) a large part of Celtic mythology...

A Love Story

Mary Chmielewski aka Maribel Zytka

A lame title, but for all the work I've done on it, I still can't come up with a good title. Anyway, this started as an assignment for a composition class, we had to write a story that was one page long, I was the only person who thought this was short!! This is the first of what I later called my 'Circle Stories.' Hope you enjoy. :)

A Feather, Perhaps (Chapter I)

Chessie Alberti

Perhaps this is a prologue.. I'm not sure yet. Um. Not much to say.

Memories Of The In-Between (prologue)

Gemz Holt

well While I was writing the poem 'Hero' it inspired me to write this. In my opinion you should read this first then the poem, later, but if you have already read the poem, it still doesn't ruin the ending. Well let me know what you think!!!

The Howling of the Wolf

Laura Lange

A young woman is struggling to accept the truth... she is a werewolf. This story is dedicated to my friend Taryn and her love for the weird and wacky

A Goblin's Cookbook

Abraham Markley

A hunter ends up with a meal he didn't expect.

Misty Run part Two

Sarah Ellis

This is where you start delving into the underlying world of deviants.

The Flower 2 (The Flower)

Brandon Lee

Can we fight away the mist which clouds our minds?

The Room

Bristien Havenaar

A poem of a Knight who chose a fate he regrets. (2004)

CH.05 Acquaintances

Lora Sigmon

This chapter is shorter than most of the others, but don't worry, that changes soon. Yippee... Not much happens in this one either. I've got an art account, and I'll upload pictures on it, since that's just simpler. PLEASE COMMENT!!! :)

A Trick of the Tail

Adam B. Ragg, or 'AdZ von Raggamuffin', or 'Adam Wragg, The Well-Known Typing Error'

A prince from a different land arrives in ours and is captured and treated as a monster. Another story inspired by a Genesis song.

Children of the Mists

Anson Brehmer

Few things can be as purely cruel as a child...especially a child that never has to grow up... (Last update: 7/24/04)

Mysteries of the universe

Peter Dahlgren

A story about the future, beauty and things we cannot understand

These Meadows of God

Robyn Petrik

I wrote this poem in grade 8 as a school assignment. I'm pretty happy with it, but there are a couple of lines that don't really fit.

...sort of between planets... 1-1

Benjamin Anthony Ickler

Everything changes when a mysterious creature visits Palenia, especially the lives of two young spellcasting guardsmen.

The Shadows of Selimar Forest

Marika Viklund

A horror story inspired by the mists hovering above the road and among the trees in the woods that I passed on my way home one late evening. I had also just read three Lovecraft books before and so was very much into horror at the time! It is about a young bard who comes to a small village in a forest and gets more 'inspiration' for his songs then he ever wished. Read it, I won't say more!

Dance of the Morntide Mist

Cally Steussy

A song I wrote. I have the music to it as a MIDI file; one of my prettier tunes, might I add.

Misty Run Part three

Sarah Ellis

This is where you're going to change your view point on Lenai

Angel and Aerala's Theme

Alana Poirier

Here's two poems about my character Aerala, from Planes of Iff, the story I'm working on. Both poems are rather dark and depressing, so be warned.

More Wine!

Anson Brehmer

This tale was inspired by something that happened during a session of D&D. Some things can drive a man to drink...especially if he wants to forget them bad enough. (Last Update: 6/8/04)