Samantha Fortier

I know, another story that has to do with winged characters... well this is a story about a girl named Ellie whose boring life is changed when she finds michael a winged boy

In A Dream State, Part 5

Elizabeth Avent

Is Kindle good or bad? Does Peggy and Devan find Kindle? What happens to Silver? Is the demon the end of her? Read and you'll find out!

Dreams of Night

Rhonda Jezek

I just finished typing this and haven't even proofed it yet but I thought I'd stick it up here anyway because it's a happy story and I so rarely write those.

A soldiers letter home

Frank 'coyote' Garcia

this is a letter to home from a soldier to his mother.

Merchina Mother

Vici Mahone

I read a comment on my original story, Merchina Moon, and suddenly my WB disappeared! I changed it so that it can work as a first chapter OR as a short story. I'll leave Merchina Moon up for a while so that readers can decide which they like better. I also changed Krangisha's name to simply 'Gisha'.


Sathia Lyon

A young girl can see through the eyes of anyone who has the same eye color as her. When she looks through her bestfriend's eyes, she must decide whether what she has witnessed is a nightmare or not.

Chapter One ~ The Argument

Joe Thorn

A princess plans about something... and her argument helps all the more...

Chapter 3 (The Gift)

Joanna Wu

A mysterious package...more about the the story continues

Daughter's Magic

Mariposa Gollery

 So there are all these things where the kid can do magic and goes off to have all these adventures. Sometimes the parents find out and sometimes they don't. Well what about the parents? And can they do the same things their children can? Just something random that came out on Word. I was going to make it longer, but I didn't. 

Starry Night

Rebecca Amey

A young mother who is dealing with the death of her grandmother which uncovers a big secrete that she can't share with any one and a vampire that is hunting her and her son.

Kassa- Chapter 2

Margarita Chapman

Kassa had never beleived that beings from other races existed, she had thought that they were just fairytales... turns out, she was wrong.

Beauty and the Beast: Part 1: Nicholas

C. Corbin

The first of three parts. This is my take on the classic story of Beauty and the Beast. 11-30-06: Yaaay! My first ever mod's choice! I am so happy!!!!!!!!

Forgotten Child Prlogue and Chapter 1

Stephanie Jones

This is a story about wonder, destiny, and love.

Echo chapter 1 part 3

Sam Taylor

chapter 1 part 3 new character comes in her name is Zephyr.

Without Light

Clara Underwood

This is kind of a test, so I can figure out what in the heck is wrong with my uploading technique. About Quenya (see my sci-fi gallery). Just a sketch. No action really. But trust me, this IS science fantasy. I'm just too lazy to sit down and write a more organized account :)

Kassa- Chapter 1

Margarita Chapman

Kassa had never believed that beings from other races existed, she had thought that they were just fairytales..... turns out she was wrong.