Intro to Deyrk (The Innocence of Pain)

J.M. Jakobsen

An introduction to a main character from my one-day series, 'The Innocence of Pain.'

Twisted Fate Chapter 1

Samantha Draut

Born a free woman in one of the southern tribes, one wrong turns sends her hurtling towards a fate that seems bleak and desolute, until the day she saw him and everything change forever.

Windsinger, part 3

Rachel Armstrong

Finally finished it! Yay! I know it's long, but I couldn't find a good place to split it up. C'est la vie. Btw, I know Ariana's 'everyone is rich but me' angst is going to get really old really fast, so don't worry. It's not going to be nearly as heavy after this chapter.

Red Time

Sean McDonell

Corporations are always looking for new marketplaces. Sometimes with sinister ends...

A Commoner's Cry

Brett Green

A small story I created for English Class. One day I may include the same characters in a larger story.

Betrayal (story)

Sarah-Louise Mitchell

A short-short science-fiction story


Seth Fisher

A short story about economics, protection and ideolgy.


Robin Lawrence

Second of my two assignments for school, this one is supposed to be based mainly on diolouge. I'm planning on rewriting it after te class is done to show Shilt's reaction to the money.

Wizards Fire

Crissy Moss

A wizard on her journey meats with an adventuring party. Where will it lead? This isn't quite finished. The ending... well it just isn't done. I will upload the finished work when i am done.

The Silver Brooch - Chapter Three

Maria Elmindreda L

Miriel's adventures continue. Read for yourself to find out more. ;)

Untitled (Ideas, Anyone?)

Jesse Harber

I'm probably gonna develop this into a character-driven story centred around the workman. This would serve as an introduction.

Gambling Rose

Jennifer OConnor

Written at 2 am... be nice.


Whitney Blake

every vampires has to feed, so why not at least play with your food like your mother always told you not to?

Bounty Hunted I

Andrew Mena

a story of Reynard and Vivian, in need of money and going out for some adventure...

Green Land 01: The Beginning of the End

Richard Lorenz

WHOOHOO!!! A Mod's Choice!!! I am so excited. Thank you for the Golden Phoenix Feather, Moderators! I started with a simple sentence: 'The land was green' one day on my lunch break at work. When I got the Wyvern Project 5 invitation, I knew this was the story to use. But, I needed more of a back-story, a prologue of sorts. This is it. This is why we needed to find a land that was green, and why ours wasn't green anymore.

My Curse, My Blessing. Chapter 3.

Hope Peters

Chapter 3. Read On.

Infoscapes X.2

Charles Trowbridge

Another peice of cyberpunk of mine. My least structured stream of conciousness peice. Well, least structured fiction peice that is. The meter of this peice is exactly where I want it, but I have found that my choice of words is sometimes confusing, if you guys could help with pointing those places out, I'd apricate it.

Dragon Child *ch 1&2*

Emi Senga

// Please download the font Viner Hand ITC from (and all other fonts for my homepage) if you want to view the poem *peace sign* FONTS must have WinZip to extract // Please note that everything in italics which reads to be a conversation = to telepathic dialogue anything else with ' ' are spoken. *grin* The poem is relevant to the story but isn't really part of the plot.. *bows* enjoy. more chapters to come 'p // *grumble* gahh Willem!!! *pout* thanks for the buffeting of air part ;p A little notes for you to remember before reading this story. *grin* can be a bit confusing... but in the end you'll get it - hopefully *grin* else u would have to email me for spoilers *peace sign* (but remember, it's only the first 2 chapters) *sowwy me had put lastest version up*

Twisted Fate Chapter 2

Samantha Draut

Born a free woman in one of the southern tribes, one wrong turns sends her hurtling towards a fate that seems bleak and desolute, until the day she saw him and everything change forever.


Kelsey Sophia

I just needed to FINSIH something, so i wrote this quickly. My mom always loves talking about how one percent of the qorld has 99 percent of the wealth, and they were just hording it all, which of course got me thinking (never a good idea!)...Somehow it lead to this story.