Action Scene

E. Hanna

The title really says it all. This is a cool vision I had in my head but couldn't really fit into a narrative. Perhaps one day it will be a chapeter for something.

Hanad's Introduction

Benjamin Leyder

This is a tale of how young Hanad came to the lands of Koguryo, at the beginnings of his pursuit of the Monk's way of life.

The New Style

Charles Trowbridge

Here is a peice of fiction i've been working for in relation to a rpg book that Whitman and I have been working on for years. I hope you like it.

Metal Met Flesh....

Katie Hallahan

Hugh Garren woke up to his throat being slit and his life ending; this caused a number of problems. Only the first of which was the fact he was dead. This is a new work in progress (the title is also a working one), planned to eventually be a novella. Please leave constructive comments!

The Living Tree - Prologue

Kevin Putnam

The breaking of a mind.

Troika - Prologue

Joseph Adomatis

A shameful act committed on a dark eve saps the strength of the old and gives destiny to three young babes.

Chapter 16

Andrew Casey

Preparations for the games and Citro's past is revealed.


Christopher Hopper

The first of what I like to call 'portraits,' introduction chapters for my various characters

Sun and Sword - Ch. 3

Jeremy Blackwood

This chapter introduces us to Myrenn, a monk who will eventually play a significant role in the battle against the Prince's forces.

The Tamer's Dance Ch. 1

James Stroman

This story is actually neither modern nor horror, but a fun piece all in all. This chapter outlines my favorite character, J'Kal, and his brother, J'Tpa.

Dark Times Chapter 1 finale

Kevin Tenorio

The end of Chapter 1.

'Monks Shame'

Joshua Sinclair

A tale of monk going through a VERY difficalt time.

The Shatters of Time Ch01 and 02

Emma-Jane Smith

A tormented priest is the key, but not even he knows it. He alone must bring people back from the clutches of The Evil One. But the great evil is not to be underestimated, for it will stop at nothing to thwart him. Will Dameon succeed when even he does not know how to complete his task?

The Living Tree - Chapter 1

Kevin Putnam

Astius leaves his home to follow a dream.

Ashley and the Gang

Cly Novak

This is mostly about Ashley, the humanish cat. I'll be drawing him soon and the rest of them. (I've already done Ron and Jessie.) Yes, they do have girlie names, but that's cause they are a different species and when they came in contact with humans, they stole a few of their names, not knowing that they are female names. Anyway, they are all felid related. Mici and Stormy are real cats (they're my babies!) and I made them exactly how they are in real life. Mici is cute and hyper dispite his five years, and Sotrmy is old and fat but has enough strength (and I am not joking) to drag my 140 pounds across the floor by a shoelace! This cat is strong, but does not use it unless another cat threatens him, or Mici (only he is allowed to beat up his little macho coward 'brother'). Mici wants to be all big and tough... so long as he's behind Stormy. Anyway, this story was first written along with a beautiful trance techno song with chanting monks but when the song ended, the story went in every direction. I finally couldn't keep up with it so I quit. I may continue, but not soon. Oh, and when Silve asks Ashley if he loves the rest of the group (all male), she did not mean as if he were gay. In their society, love is very important and it is not unusual to see males act loving toward each other. So, enjoy!

Leather-bound secrets

L. Koehn

A small, leather-clad book may be the object that could destroy kingdoms

The Lost and Forgotten - Chapter One: Riven.

The Lost One

The true master of the white magic and user of the Ancient Word. Meet.... Master Riven...

Torn Souls: beginning

Randall Ewing

A monk, a psionicist, and an elfling. Add them together, and you get this fantasy adventure. Based in the northermn Area of Icerend

The Red World: The Jewel and Plague part 1

Victor Gonzalez

A hero is sent to a quest by his king to find the cause and cure of a disease striking his people swiftly.

Dragonsong - Prologue

Jay Morris

This is the prologue of a 17-page epic poem I wrote for a big personal project for school last year. The prologue makes more sense after you've read the story, but it's cool on its own.