Friendship Lost

Daniel Lix

Daniel Ranevier was an excellent SWAT officer in San Fransisco of 2003. That is, until he went back through an experimental transdimensional device to pursue a test subject and wound up in an alternate world. Now, after having found a niche for himself in this strange place, he must quest for a magical artifact to save a friend.

New Ways: part 1

Dan Farmer

The first in a series of (I'm guessing) four stories. They're going to be about two people who are forced to leave their homelands and make their way in the real world. Enjoy!

Beauty and the Beast

Grace Miller

The mysterious Master of a castle adopts a child and raises her on his own. A twist on a classic tale.

Beauty and the Beast Chapter Three

Grace Miller

A young girl adopted by the mysterious Master of a secret castle grows up and longs for a life of freedom outside the castle walls. A twist on the classic tale.

Beauty and the Beast Chapter Two

Grace Miller

A young girl adopted by the mysterious Master of a secret castle grows up and longs for a life of freedom outside the castle walls. A twist on the classic tale.


Elizabeth Hawxhurst

This is something I'm working on...I'm not quite happy with it, although I'm not sure how to fix it. Any comments would be greatly appreciated. =] (also, thanks to my friend Dave for coming up with the first line of the story =])

In Search of Paradise Ch.3

H. Coyne

Gwyneth's father is long in coming and the local Laird grows less kind.

Palace Macabre Ch.4

H. Coyne

We tour the strange house and meet Lucrece: 'She was regal, beautiful and severe, like the blade of an artisan's sword'.

God of Blood

Robert Headley

This isnt finished yet... tell me what you think please.

Palace Macabre Ch. 2

H. Coyne

Anya arrives at the island and the wondrously strange house and glimpses a few of its mysterious inhabitants.

Why Don't They Listen?

David Nusse

I did this for Emily McDurman's little contest thingy. I've tried uploading this thing at least four times already and everytime it's come out with funky fonts and stuff, so this time I changed the way it was formatted and rewrote it on a different computer. It had better come out right this time.

How to Get Ahead in Fishing - Part 1

John Akins

A fisherman's catch is not quite the catch he expected..

Chapter 1 of the wars in heaven

Daniel Beck

now we get to the story itself... This story is about an angel who finds himself in the the middle of the greatest of all struggles... The war in heaven.

The Nightingale

Daniel Mason

A strange short story I wrote one day. It has no real beginning and no real ending. I'm contemplating writing a full story, though.


Kate Inquisition

A vision of evil, entwined in darkness and so forth.....

Lumbering Laundry

Peter Blair

What happens to messy children in my world? One little girl is about to find out... This is inspired by my son, who has a gravity well for food underneath him, my sons' closet, which has a colossal pile of dirty laundry in it, and a friend called Marguerite, who claimed her house was a mess, but is in reality IMPECCABLY clean. (Don't you hate it when someone who is cleaner than you says they're messy?) Hopefully, monsters are acceptable Elfwood fare...

Into the Night

Victoria Phillips

In the darkness, I shall run.

The Last Sword

Paul Mather

A holy warrior, cast out of his order, seeks to destroy the evil which has slain his old comrades.

Decision: Poem

Jenny Watson

Created on a spur of the moment for a dear friend of mine while viewing her artwork.

The Devil Tree

Adam Hunt

The lavish court in which I have grown has taught me many things, yet there are still things I have to learn: the ways of a woman, coping with the abilities that are beginning to surface, and the secrets of my occult birthing. As it were, however, the needs of a near defenseless people have kept me from unearthing the truths behind such things. The duty to which I must attend is the eradication of a beast that has tormented a small village just below the citadel I occupy. Little did I know that the horrid encounter I would have with this beast would cleave the shell that hid my enigmatic past; each piece I uncover tells me of the calamitous place in which I stand. And each further step I take, the gravity of it bears down upon me.