The Epic of Motnekero Chapter III, The Battle of Pig's Valley

Matthew Deagle

...I know that I'm not supposed to begin with the third chapter, but I'm not satisfied at all with the first and second at the moment, so here it is... I'm not satisfied with this either (I'm sure I could put a little more effort into it) but I'd enjoy some criticism, so criticise! Angelstorm


Damian Lewis

This is a fantasy story set in the wild west complete with a 'Once Upon A Time In The West' homage(try to find it). This short but the nex two parts are much longer.

Race Through the Mirror

Andrew O'Steen

Ugh, another one in the works. Just seeking some opinions, as it's in a somewhat different style. I think i may need to expand it a bit, even though it IS just the very beginning

Rhyme in my book

George Chang titles for this one, for there isn't supposed to be one...there are exactly nine syllables in each line...

Dragon Queen Ch 7

Jayson Kennedy

Finally, Chapter 7! Yay! I forced myself to pound out this chapter, but I like it. Its short and sweet, with plenty of violence! Hope you enjoy the misadventures of Kymm and Maus!

Howling (poem)

Charlene Longwell

I just wanted to show people some of the stuff I start, but hardly finish. :)

Thirteen Cookies (poem)

Emma-Jane Smith

This is a funny little poem about cookies and some monsters who come to visit! Enjoy!

Berelain's New Life

Kristin Langlais

This is a short story I wrote for a contest with a online game called The Realm. This is longer then what I actually submitted, space restricted me a bit...I had overwrote. Anyways, This is the original, and I hope you like it.

What Once Was Lost

Jason Romein

This one's a cool briefly explains why Toranet is so deserted =] It also is a cool story, of course =]

El Diablo

Alice Raven

In memory of El Diablo... the most adorable li'l bunny that ever lived. And it means I.N M.E.M.O.R.Y O.F H.I.M. Not influenced by him... El Diablo is not a massive bunny with athletic skills, he's a half-demon mortal with kick-ass weapons. I just had this idea, and El Diablo the bunny had recently died, so I decided to name the character after him, and so the chara has white hair like the bunny had... and one eye like the bunny had... there the resemblances fade... So it is a normal story, stop asking me where the bunny influences come from! *chuckles darkly* please, read on.... And also for Laura, in light of her being up on elfwood. You can find her amazing art here

Strange Companions (Poem)

Mary Bailey

This is an older free form poem I wrote as a gift for a newly discovered soul mate. A little story of a lonely wolf and an unexpected encounter that turns into so much more.

The unknown hero

Scott Grant

Okay i owe my friend Robert Kinney big time on this one. He helped out alot with the second draft on this story. Thi is about the 12th and final.. I think..


Christina Lovse

A little girl wanders into a forest filled with monsters. Can she overcome them and find her way home again? --This story is similar to 'Another Blackout' though a bit more gruesome. Don't read it if you can't handle some blood.

There are Monsters in this World

Noor Khouraki

A very insightful it and you'll see

Hunter for Hire 1

Matthew Tucker

The Earth is amok with evil demons, obcessed with the consumption and torture of humanity...and it's the work of Ashe Broadstone and his partner Taria to hunt those suckers down. This is their first story.

Adrianna Meets Her Self.

Elle Atkinson

This is wheer Adrianna comes first to face with her Self. This is a sample piece. I will be placing many, many more chapters up of Darwin's Pull, something which I have deliberately taken a long time to write, so that it has grown with me-I started writing this from a teenager and i am now 26. This will be completed soon, a metamorphis uniquely to myself. I hope you like.

Part I: The Titanian Monsters

Matthew Bendyna

A exploratory team encounters deadly creatures and other perils on the moon of Titan.

Truth is a Whisper05

Colleen Klockow

Now a member of the High Council, Tarek finds himself left alone with more freedom than he would otherwise have known what to do with. However, there is that lingering order from the voice in the mountains to do some rather shady research...Comments and critiques <3fully accepted:)

Monster's Lullaby

Samuel Gelman

Just a poem

Elves Over My Bed

Edmund Schulfer

My friends in the night...