Al DiBianco

Just a scene that i thought of...

Kiran's Hunt

Danica Benson

Moonlight Falls

Joe Thorn

Desl continues his quest for the meeting of the Goddess

Moonlit Exchange

Sarah Crouch

A conversation between a half-Elf and her half-human lover. His speech is on the right and starts the poem, hers is on the left.


Melanie 'Mistress of Chaos'

's nothing really. As to where it happens, your guess is a good as mine. The story just popped into my head one sleepless night...

Moonlight Maiden

Nicole Bonney

This is about a beautiful elf maiden whose lover is rumored dead. Feal free to comment. Hint Hint.

Silver Dragon

Kat Napthine

flight is what makes the dragon feel alive..

Skeleton Dance

Megan Crewe

I wrote this poem a few years ago, but it's still one of my favourites. I was trying to write a love poem that didn't sound like any other love poems I'd read, and this imagery came to mind.

To Sweet Dreamers (poem)


I've always been fascinated by the fabric of the evening sky and all the astral bodies that guard us when we sleep. Thus inspired, I wrote this poem in 1996. Looking at it now, I can say I don't really like this one very much. It's just too 'sweet' I suppose. Until I come up with a better one, I'll leave it here for everyone to read.

Midnight madness

Victoria Weaver

This is a poem, about Dark Aphrodite's story.

Mood Sketch

Kelly Kruse

This is a test writing for one of the books in my series. It comes from book seven, 'The Ghosts of Nahor'. It was done for a creative writing class, and was done completely to convey mood.

~Lady Autumn~

Elizabeth Steen

A lovely vision of Lady Autumn. Part of the inspiration came from artist, Jonathon Earl Bowser's 'Singer of the Autumn Lullabye(http://www.jonathonart.com/aut.html)


There is one legend in a little town on the Irish coast that should best be left alone...

The Girl at the Glade

Kevin Hosein

I just think it's a pretty little poem hehe...a diversion from my morbid themes.

Ballroom of Fhynix

Nicole Russo

A meeting between Raynen and the soul she knows by many names. I will give more about the Fhynix lands later on.

Moonlight Walk (Unfinished)

Charles W. Timm

This is about two lonely men, one, a retired adventurer, the other a man twisted by fate's cruel hand. This is only the first part, just enough to set the mood. More soon. The second half of this story jumps from one sence to another, read it if you want, but there are still some big parts missing.

Regained Nature

Anne Halsmer

This is the story of one of Zataria's ancestors

Dream Within My Dance

Nicole Simoens

A short story about a girl out in the snow. there seems to be something strange about her, though what may not be apparent unless you pay close attention to what i'm saying. Also, make sure to keep your eyes pealed for symbolism in this story! PLOT SPOILER! DON'T READ UNTIL AFTERWARDS: because i know a lot of people on't get it, i'll just tell you bluntly. The girl is dead, a suicide. the mother seems to have an ability to 'see' her child in visions in her dreams. and no, there wasn't a point to the story besides writing something nice. it doesn't get 'wrapped up' at the end. the idea of Dancing and the Moon Goddess and the Knife, i do not feel much like explaining. either you understand or you don't.

Moonlight on Roses

Katherine Pope

This is a poem/story that I wrote some time ago, I've always liked it... it has sort of a 'Lady or the Tiger'-ish ending to it. I hope you like it.

NIGHTWATCH: Moonlight Sonata- ch1

Brian Pennington

This is the first chapter of the first book in an urban fantasy mystery series about psychic detectives in St. Louis. The main character of this first story is Ren Forrester, a weredog from a long line of lycanthropes, who will learn he is also a Bard. He moves into an apartment building which is the headquarters for Nightwatch, a group of psychics and mages who protect the streets of St. Louis from the Dark side.