The Man in the Mirror

Rory Johnson

Another Story about Carone, taking place a little bit before 'Blood Brandy'. This is about Carone seeing the error of his ways.

The Troll And The Elvyn Queen

Risiart Lloyd

A story about morals, who you can trust and who you can't.

Dawn of Twilight

Joshua Price

I wrote this on 9/19/2006. It was rather a spur of the moment piece, but it turned out very well. This story depicts my former persona, who slowly became his own character, just like Zeradar Kerrinor, Varus Dragonfire, and Isaac Tigerheart before him. While you do not need to, reading The Beginning of the End before this may clear some questions. Though for those of you who did, yes both pieces don't agree on some parts, and thats purposeful. On some other notes, this is my first story in a very long time without any combat. Its also was the shortest piece I had written for quite awhile. However, I am highly satisfied with how it turned out, so much in fact that I consider it my best piece that I wrote in 2006. And before you put your mind in a gutter and ask, the love mentioned in the story is like that between a father and a son, or any other pair of family members. UPDATE 1/15/07: Ok, maybe not a major enough update to warrant caps. Basically reduced the white space, corrected some typos, and changed a few words to make things a bit clearer.

A Fairy Tale

Carla Anderson

A little story I wrote in ninth grade-- it has a moral of sorts; rather humorous I think...

A Turtle Tale

T. Tyndell

This poem was inspired by my first roadkill upon moving to the country. Enjoy!!

The Misfortunate Misunderstandings: An Unlikely Junction of Souls

Michelle Schmitz

When Peter was a young boy he was cursed by a terrible witch. In effort to reverse this he goes off to find her to demand she fix him. On his journey he meets others who experienced the same fate. He even gains a few companions along the way.

Tempus Redux

Christopher Keefer

To tell you the truth, I don't really like this story. I wrote it for a contest which required the story be 600 words or less, so I had to pare away all the extrenous parts of the story...the parts that give the story flavour, if you ask me. Ah well, here it is anyways...

Mirror of Truth

Amber Peckham

This, I entered in a short story contest, but no one ever got back to me, so I guess I didn't win. Tell me what you think-criticism is welcomed. it helps me to improve.

Shadows Rise and Shadows Fall

Lisa Sanders

A poem, firstly, and a story all in one nice little bundle. It took moments to write the first three or four stanzas, and a weeks to complete the rest. But the rhythm of the poem is delightful (to me)!

Spirit Eyes

Laura Seay

From one of those spirits floatin around, this is what they see after they've seen Harry Potter...(it's really me but just so I could share it with you guys, to get familiar with my style ^_^)

Saving the Princess

Pedestal Guy

A hero goes off to slay the dragon and save the princess.

At Last

Anita Chen

What if everything you believed to be morally correct was, in reality, immorral?

Golden Heart and Snowy Skin

Jessica Cannon

Right, it's a poem, not a story. I've given Snow White a slightly nastier edge, and taken the same kind of format as that dude Dylan Thomas, but not nearly as good as his since I'm not used to it.


A. Anagree) Thorne

An orphan boy and girl make their way through a network of theives, and discover the true meaning of trust.

The Lord and the Maiden

Jaspenelle Stewart

My friend gave me the idea for this story, it is writen as if it were a short legend. It is about how a Lord's lust leads him to fall in love with the physical beauty of a girl and not the mind striving for freedom within.

Always Call Your Mother

Lara 'Qui' Krauss

I listened to the song 'Zombie Jamboree' one night. This started as my little joke, but when my grandmother died this take on an entirely different meaning and view. It took me a long time to look at this again.

The Fay at Brightwater Cascades

This is a labor of love, and a story that perhaps reflects just what a labor love is. It is not a perfect poem, though I think there is much to recommend it, but I would really like for it to become as close to perfect as possible. So constructive criticism is greatly encouraged; aye, even hoped for. Just be aware that the breakup of rhyme and rhythm in the latter half is intentional. Think of the theme of the story and it'll make sense.One more thing: Don't cry...

The Story Of Teardrops

Jessica Burton

An English assignment to write a fairy tale with a twist or modern day/future. Being the unstoppable sci-fi writer at heart, here it is for a bit of fun...

O' to love

Theo W Wallis

An experiment with rhyme scheme, something I am not terribly good at, but it is in couplets...something I can become easily obsessed with *big grin* It also has a *shock shock* moral

Walking on words by I write things now - constructive critisism wanted please

James Roquefort Beardhart

Walk on my words and into my mind, follow my words and you may reverse construct my words into brainwaves you can read with your mind. I assure you you will become more powerful than you could possibly imagine. Pls critique