Pains of Fire~~Ch. 2

F. Schultz

This chapter actually delves into the personality and travel of Kaiser, along with a lot of his past. Hope you all like :)

Pains of Fire~~Ch. 1

F. Schultz

In this story, we deal more into the personality and history of one of my favourite characters. Be sure to read it now, because the whole story will be taken down soon enough and transfered to my personal library. Enjoy!

My Living Fantasy...

Glen Holder

Welcome to my mind...

Raven Rose : Origins ch. 5-7

Michelle Lackey

A tale of werewolves, vampires, and something the world has never seen before... The continuing adventures of Devon and Red's endless sarcasm. I really like using sound and thoughts in this story. Could it possibly serve a unique literary purpose? Probably not. Oh yes, most blood and gore happens behind closed doors or off page, but that doesn't mean you don't see it. You have been WARNED!!! Enjoy.

Death Day

Amanda Ellis

I haven't updated this site for quite some time and I've started taking a writing class. This is the first composition I did for it, and I'm pretty proud of myself. It's experimental, and short (it had to be less than 500 words), but I hope you like it!

Sunny's Creed Chapter 1-2

Queen Carpenter

Most morbid of my writing, yet. It is sci-fi/fantasy/horror, but you have to read a bit to realize that it's more than some crazy girl ranting.

Epitaphs (working title)

Ryan Morini

The old man is pretty much the focal point for me in this piece. He's modeled after my maternal grandfather, who must be one of the most miserable creatures in existence. I'm probably one of the only people in the world who actually likes him (my parents included), but I almost never visit him. It's just taxing... I kid you not when I say that he actually itemizes his grievances in a written list, and recounts them whenever a visitor comes in (for example). I'm not much of a people-person myself, and I find it awkward to be around him and try to cheer up the uncheerable, even though I sometimes feel like I understand him perhaps as well as anyone ever will. So in addition to a rumination on my own faltering sense of purpose, and general melancholy, this story was largely fueled by a desire to demonstrate some sort of likable side of my grandfather following my grandmother's death. A few people actually seem to have liked it; it must've come out all right in some ways, then.

In the Dark

Ronald Smith

I wrote this story a couple weeks ago while drawing a really bizarre picture on my computer. I was about half way done with the drawing when a few lines just 'popped' into my head. I thought they were pretty cool, so I opened up a new word document and started typing. The last few lines were actually written several days after I 'finished'. I brought it to a writers' club thing I'm in so it would be published in the newsletter, and one of my friends there said that this was rather disturbing. I don't know. I normally don't write poems, in fact, this is only the second one I have ever written that I really like. I'm going to post the first one soon, which has received very good criticism. Anyways, PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT!! And enjoy this...morbid poem!!

Kiss of Death

Carrie no.

this is another one of those cheesy types, like that angel stuff . . . i guess some go for that kinda stuff tho, enjoy if you can:) i like vampires;)

Have You ?

Lev Wolf' Faerman

What would you answer ? This is my first poem.

The Amaurost

Adam Hunt

A mother is helpless to stop her mischievous little boy, who has taken on an affinity for disobedience. She's tried everything within her power to bring him to some form of discipline, but due to her frail form, she has not been able to thrash his rear. Things take an unexpected and hideous turn for the worse when she finally conceives a way to frighten him.

My First Halloween

Derek Dykes

This came to me while shopping for Hallow's Eve stuff with my toddler. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

The Twisted and Sick Adventures of Bill Coax (Chapter 2)

Brandon Letsinger

Incomplete as of yet.

A Morbid Existence

Nathan Bennetch

Ever have one of those dreams that is just too real? I have. This one dream was the most detailed I have ever experienced, and here is my account of it. Be forewarned! It's sad... Read at your own risk and try not to cry... too much...


Christina MacDonald

A poem.

One Morning (Poem)

Lloyd 'God' Johnson

This is a poem in the form of a moral story, and direction.

Pains of Fire~~Ch. 6

F. Schultz

It's getting harder to come up with descriptions. Well, just read to find out what happens. Surprises are fun ^_~

Shadows of the Past

Alicia Kilpatrick

This was a project for school, where we had to descriptively create a photo-moment using all the senses. I was in a pretty depressive mood when I wrote it, so it's kinda morbid, but.. I've done worse ^^; Anywho, I really don't like it as much as some other things I've (almost) written, but I got a 38 out of 40 on it, and Mr. Merrick liked it, so I guess that's what counts..

The Twisted and Sick Adventures of Bill Coax (Chapter 1)

Brandon Letsinger

In a dark future not so far from ours, Bill Coax finds himself. Who is he? What's wrong with him...? What's waiting for him in the the depths of his memory? And won't someone please tell him what's going on? This is a ongoing work and also a rough draft. I'll love all the input I get (yes, even constructive critisism). I'll occasionally edit it or make changes so enjoy. If you find yourself intrigued... keep reading!

Raven Rose : Origins ch.1-4

Michelle Lackey

That title up there will probably change periodically, so don't panic if it's different next time you see it. *sweat drop* A few of you have waited forever for an update and I now present to you 'Untitled' rewritten... hopefully most of the blatant errors before will disappear. 'Untitled' will remain for a while if you critics would like to compare the shifted storylines. Be sure to tell me what you think. (Oh, no real time frame. I just wrote the story, why should I know when it takes place?) A tale of werewolves, vampires, and something the world has never seen before...