Chapter 5 - Deljin

Debra Turpin

Deljin meets her long-dead Grandfather (E'Dah). Her world opens up as she discovers new dimensions. I really love the character of E'Dah, he's great fun to write.

Chapter 2: Clandestine

Laurie McCombs

Neana finds out a bit of her past and her mother. Clarisse comes into play and keep in mind, Ms. Kinder isn't who she seems. er, for all of you who dont know clandestine means 'secrets' and it definetly fits this chapter.


Troels Jørgensen

This is what alle the poems and stories I will post is really all about! ;) ... many of my stories is written in Danish sooo it will take a while to translate them!.. In the meantime.. enjoy this waggo goblinlitterature! ;)


Troels Jørgensen

Ahhh my friend Skirt!.. He is one of the most famous of all goblin riddlemasters! This is actually one of his more serious poems! You might notice that he uses words like 'lillies' and 'flowerbeds'! (Quite nasty words if you are a goblin, but evil tongues tell that there is human blood in his veins).... The Lumberjack is a character that often appear in goblin litterature!

Just one more....

Jeremy Parker

Many people fell in love with John from my story 'Unknown Heroes' and I kept getting e-mail asking for more. This is to everyone that wishes they just had one more chance...

Wolves Amongst the Sheep Interlude 2, Chapter 4-7

Richard 'Spiderman' Denny

More of the Story of The Captain in a world of technology and magic


Sarah Taylor

An impersonation of Summer

The Rainbow Stone part 4

Harold Alter

As some watch from the top of the plateau of Celtar, two growing armies fight for the fate of all.

PsyHauntKo 3

Norielle Cunanan

Yes,chapter three has been spawned! It has gotten crazier and makes even less sense than the others! It defies the laws of physics so horribly that I shall be sued by a group of scientists in Anarctica! Or maybe they just dispatched a troop of soldiers to capture me and give me a brain transplant..o.o; The language of a possessed doll named Izzle was brought up by a certain person,who only a few people I know, know. Readers beware! You WILL be lost and confused, and you WILL become easily irritated! Sorry for the inconvenience ^_^;

Hanni, Chapter 3

John Larsen

This is chapter 3 of my story of a time-travelling boy and his adventures to the dark underworld to save a beautiful princess. In this chapter, Hanni begins his journey. Along the way, he meets of a new furry friend that accompanies him. We even see a series of flashbacks from BEFORE Hanni's adventure began.

Chapter 1: The Legacy of The Amulet

Tom Nosredans

i used the darkness as the first chapter but re-wrote it and added some.Just so you know The Legacy of the Amulet is a book i started writing but never finished. I ended it when i got to a hundred pages, not that i couldn't keep going but because i chose not to.

Mourn No More - Poem

Brandon Halcomb

What happens when all are dead but you?

02_Lost Warrior

The second chapter to Lost Warrior.

'She Fought the Last Fight'

Ricky Barnett Jr.

More about the Lady of Light and the 'Last Fight'

Manifesto of Men in Fantasy

Ethan Childress

Time to look in the mirror boys and see the man looking back at you.

More than Blood - Prologue

Rebecca Vita

The prologue for the written version of a manga I'm making. I haven't written anything like this in a while, and so I thought it would make an interesting change to be able to write something which was not confined to how much you could fit in a speech bubble. It's about vampires.

Hate- poem

Mona Muhr

How do you like it? Comments would be really nice. This poem was actually called 'fear' before but I changed a lot...

Star Warriors

Richard Clayton

A pair of competion Swordsmen run into the unexpected, and are up to the challenge


Katrina Evens

Monsters aren;t human

No More

Monica Stich