Dubhdara Field

The faeries of the Elfwood forest greet the morning.

The silver brooch - Chapter Four

Maria Elmindreda L

Did Miriel finally find shelter for the night ? Read and find out. ;)

Memories Of The In-Between (prologue)

Gemz Holt

well While I was writing the poem 'Hero' it inspired me to write this. In my opinion you should read this first then the poem, later, but if you have already read the poem, it still doesn't ruin the ending. Well let me know what you think!!!

Morning Dew

Alicia Reese

Just a poem about two people who love one another, the narrator is my elven character Tulnea

The Fairies of the Dawn

Anniina Jokinen

Morning Star

Nicholas Stephens

What happens after death? Is there a hell? More importantly, how lucky would you have to be to come out on the right side of a deal with the devil?

Misty Morning

Sarah Sparks

A short sweet poem about love and a unicorn.

Morning Star chapter 8

Keith Trimm

Tony sat confused waiting for an explanation like a dumb dog staring at its master waiting for a treat.

Morning Star chapter 12

Keith Trimm

Alex took notice of a car in his rearview mirror speeding up quickly, closing the distance between them. Hot lead shot through his veins and he had to struggle to keep his composure with the boy.

Morning Star chapter 28

Keith Trimm

'Killed is such a harsh word. I like to say I claimed him for my own.'

Queen of the Morning

Helen Pye

Both these poems are written about the Morning Angel image, but they have slightly interpretations. So I thought it appropriate to post them together.

Dance of the Morntide Mist

Cally Steussy

A song I wrote. I have the music to it as a MIDI file; one of my prettier tunes, might I add.

A red morning

Joeri verheyden

the 1st chapter in a project of mine to make a saga... actually a birthdaypresent which took a life of it's own


Erin Lynch (Autumn)

Just a rather surreal little ramble/dream thing.....

A Winter Morning

Shuo Chen

This is about me...or dawn, I mean. No, it's about a winter dawn. Hehe...

03 - Shopping

SS Olsen

Another little snippet; this one is set earlier than the others. This is what happens when Gwen and Lorion ally themselves. I almost feel sorry for Evarian. Lorion really isn't quite that shallow at heart. That is...usually. ;D

Excerpt 1

Baz Dwornik

Random scene possibly from a story yet to be written, or even developed.

Morning Star chapter 10

Keith Trimm

'Bring me some clothes,' Alex, the Son of the Morning Star demanded, 'For I know now that I am naked.'

Morning Star chapter 6

Keith Trimm

'Who is Jack and Emily?' Brinkman asked.

Morning Star chapter 26

Keith Trimm

'I realize that. Eating rotted meat will kill you!' Tony snapped back.