Untitled - so far

Michelle Lackey

This story is actually a lead up to another I'm working on. It's about Rachel later in life, but for now she's eight/nine. Um, the story moves a little more slowly than most that I would write since the fast ones get people confused. You critical people, this is your chance to shine (just remember that this is only chapters 1-4). Go to it!


Kelsie Elizabeth

A question suddenly came to me- What if a shape-shifter, in all their countless lives, lost their identity? April 2003 1 1/2 pgs

Feral Instincts

Jarrott Farrell

Teenagers in a small town will soon realize this town holds a dangerous, strange and horrible secret.

Rarest of the Wild - p.51-65

Anna Smith

Pages 51 through 65 of a novella, and the conclusion to the tale. NEWS - The sequel to Rarest of the Wild, Rarest's Child, by Miguel Ettema, can no longer be found on Elfwood, but for those of you who followed the story, I have good news. Though Miguel has removed himself from Elfwood due to the demands of his schooling, the last section and conclusion of Rarest's Child, as I am the co-author, will be appearing here once we've finished writing and editing it. The bulk of the story, which was written by Miguel and won two Mod's Choice awards, I will have permission to post on my homepage once the entire tale is finished.

Rarest of the Wild - p.21-30

Anna Smith

Pages 21 through 30 of a novella.

Shapeshifters - 4

Ben Brannan

The fourth chapter in my story. When we left off, Blade and Esani had been captured by some unknown being and left to rot in a jail cell. How will they get out... ? 2,826 words, 5 pages.

The Ghost of the Rockies

Sukei Damali

This is a science project I did in grade eight. I made it open ended, but I didn't have much time for it, so it sounds more like its incomplete. I will add more onto it as soon as I'm done writing my novel series.

The Lufa Journeys, part one

Melissa Carter

Warning: Pretty dern violent. Graphic, maybe. I still think it's some of my best work! :P Hard to describe, ya gotta read it to get it.

Spiritwolf - Blackmane

Adam Stevens

A lone wolf saves a group of morphic slaves shortly after their transformation. Sorry, short again. *Note. This has now been updated and expanded*

Mixing it up

Jessa Loder

First off, credit to Travis (two clicks to the right, GREAT writer!) for the idea of surgically created animal-people. I got so very into the idea that I decided to try my hand at it, placing a character I use a lot with one. If I offend, I'll take it down but I still can't get into e-mail. *sigh*

The Nightmare

Rhiannon Flinter

Oddly enough this is completely based on a dream I had, can you tell I have a vivid imagination? I didn't change or add anything that wasn't in my dream either...-shivers- one certain part still scares me...

The Gathering Storm (Chapter 1)

Adam Stevens

Events have been set in motion that cannot be stopped. the prophecies are nearly fulfilled and dark days loom. Can Whitemane fulfill his destiny or will he fall to darkness to the detriment of his entire race? p.s. sorry about the dramatics, but i was listening to the gladiator theme at the time =^.^=

The Last Dance

Adam Stevens

A leonine morph dances for her masters for the last time.

Katyra, Chapter 2

Michelle Jones

The continuation of Katyra's Beginnings. As the character grows, so too does her story.

Rarest of the Wild - p.1-10

Anna Smith

Pages 1 through 10 of a novella. This is my first attempt at putting romance within my more usual adventure elements from quite a few years back. This is also the first story where I have absolutely no human characters, (although humans are mentioned) which in itself is a departure from my 'normal style'. Maybe hanging around with the 'furry' role-playing crowd got to me a little here, because this story is definitely set in an anthro universe. The original idea was to put this story and its main character out as a kind of answer for all the 'dumb brute' and nearly universally male minotaur stories out there. I had planned to make this a short story, or perhaps a series of them, but it kind of grabbed me up and ran away with me. The minotaur's name is pronounced Ah-nee-ah-kak, with the 'a' in that last syllable being like the 'a' in cat. At least it's finished, and that's more than can be said for most of my stories. Update: I have been looking into publishing this work, and to that end, have gone back and done some more editing, more revision, and a little rewriting now that my vision of my universe's minotaurs has crystalized. It's made it a few pages longer, but I hope that it has also made it better. Please feel free to compare if you've read it before, and to criticize or comment on how it's changed or strikes you now, if this is the first time you've read it. Thank you. Sequel! - Miguel Ettema has been working with me to pen a sequel for this story. It's already won two Mod's Choice awards, and he is an excellent writer. Go read Rarest's Child after taking a peek here.

Rarest of the Wild - p.41-50

Anna Smith

Pages 41-50 of a novella.

An Honourable Death

Adam Stevens

The Sacrafice of a pantheress for those she loved. Very short.

Haunting Regrets

Adam Stevens

Following in the wake of an attack on a refugee convoy.

Return to the Pride

P. Andrey

Well, orginally I was not planning to do a sequel to Part of the Pride, but all the comments that I got made me think that maybe I should do a sequel. One person in perticular wanted one. She is a dear friend of mine and I started the sequel as a birthday present for her. Thank you so much Bree. Well, here it is. After much pondering and thinking, I finally came up with a good plot. Well, about halfway through, I delete half of July because I did not like where it was going. I was 'dead in the water' for a couple weeks when it hit me on where to take it. I finished the story in three days. Well, I have talked enough so here is the story. I hope that you enjoy it. As usual, if you see any mistakes, please let me know. Thanks for your support everyone, Enjoy.

Shapeshifters - 3

Ben Brannan

Until now I've completely ignored the requests for more Shapeshifters. But finally I have decided to put up what I have... I won't pretend I remember this story, and I won't pretend I'll write more. I doubt I will, but one can always hope. 2,588 words, 5 pages.