Mortal Brother, Immortal Sister chapters 1-2

S. Jordan' Zindel

This story is about a young Elven woman who just happens to be the twin sister of the ruling Mortal king. They haven't seen each other since they were eight, when their parents seperated them. She also happens to have Elven magic. She must convince her brother of who she is and fight an evil that is too close to home for comfort. Did I mention that all Elven Mages are supposedly evil?

The Darkest Tale- How it all Began

Jenvyr Hope

The prologue to my story. Two empires; one of mortals and one of vampires; destined to fight for all time. One girl to save the world, and one boy to fall in love with her.

Tales from the Ascended land

Cathryn Arden

Our world was once ruled by almighty gods. Thousands of years ago a civil war led to the creation of a world adjacent to our own, also known as the ascended land. Here gods rule to their hearts content. Here are the tales of gods and mortals.

The Legend of Korina

Lynn Wiffen

The prologue of what I plan to be an epic fantasy fic. There is a war raging between two factions of the Halfworld. Half want to break away from serving the gods and rule over the mortals of earth as they see fit. The other half are loyal to the gods, serving through time and trial, to protect the gods and the lives of mortals at all costs. This is a story of change in the heiracy of earths spiritual leaders, a time of crisis as two of the most powerfull halfworders are about to relinquish their roles. One for the sake of the greater good, the other, for nothing but evil and destruction.

Lords of Chaos: Prologue

Christian Steiner

This is the Prologue of the story I been planning for years. It is one of the first good things I wrote. Well, that's what I think. It shows the beginning of the very long battle for freedom of the mortals against a god. Sorry if I made any mistakes (I am sure there are some). I will try to better my english soon.

A Dragon's tears

Julia Rill

These are the thoughts of an immortal dragon, doomed to see his world getting destroyed by the mortals.

Angelic Dust-1

Tasha-Ann Torres

I saw a picture called 'Fade Away' by Adele Sessler and was inspired to write a story of how it came to be. So this is the beginning of my story Angelic Dust. Its the beginning of this Angel's life. You should go look at Adele Sessler's gallery its really good. *Fade Away* I have gone against my word,I killed,and now I will pay.The blood runs off my fingertipsand I stare up into the nightwith eyes black and cold like ice.My pale body shiversas my wings start to fade.I've lost all my innocencenow I'm fading away. ^thats the poem that goes with the story and it was also inspired by the pic.

Poem: Nameless Knowledge

Nicole Russo

Poem I wrote while thinking of Raynen and Merrick, but not able to get any parts of the story out. This tells, vaguely, of them and Cross

The End of the Beginning

Joshua Price

As mentioned in the Legend of Taur prologue, Zeradar discovered a vast history. This is it. The historian decided write it in a story format...ok, so actually I wrote it, but humor me, please. I don't know when the original version was written, but this contains some slight revisions and touch-ups that were performed on 7/23/06. I also made it look more like a historical document at the start. You know, I hate to add this, but on rereading this document a few days ago (9/27/07), alot of what is contained in here has changed, so parts of this aren't even accurate anymore. My gosh, my universe has changed more than I've realized! Update 11/17/07: Changed some names to prevent confusion with other stories. Namely, Josh is now Isaac, Blade is now Varus, the Phoenix Knights are now the Dominion Guard, and the Atma Warriors are now the Crimson Legion.

E Lexia: Chapter One - The Young One

Sàm Crossley

Unfinished, and will be that way for quite some time, but this is my brain child of the past ten years and I'm finally sitting down to start it. Currently the first chapter is undergoing heavy editing to make it less cryptic and flow better; Anyways, meet Faile and welcome to E Lexia.

The Song of Death

C. Chard

Sung by a pale young maiden clothed in ebony with a strange and haunting beauty about her. The image is so fresh in my mind, if only I could draw I would make a picture of her. Anyways, she uses her song to beckon the lonely souls who have left their earthly body to their final destination, where ever that may be. It ends rather abruptly, mostly because I was getting bored with it and wanted to finish it off. This was once part of an aspiration to make songs for all of the elements including Life and Death as part of a much much larger undertaking, however some major setbacks and loss of interest resulted in only this one being finished. Tell me if you like and I might consider reviving the project.

Red Dragon

Amanda Virus' Shea

Poem about a red dragon

Chapter One: Flights in the Vale

Angela Fraga

The Seven Races of the Aeldorn struggle against an enemy more ancient than themselves. Inspired by Tolkien and dedicated to him.


Morgan Li

I don't normally write these, but this is a POEM and I am not particularly fond of writing those, so when I do I like them to be understood. This poem came in one of my romantic-ish moods and tells the story of a romance from the man's perspective (I've been playing with male persp. for a while now, so hopefully I'm improving!) The words actually tell 'my story' and one of the phrases ($5 E-Bucks if you can guess which!) was taken from something that was said to me once and still remains the most poetic and romantic thing said to me ever. Yeah, Yeah, Long intro, painful memories. lol Just kidding.

A Breath of Life...

Clayton McFarland

gods, mortals, one and the same

The Faeries Dance

Elsa Sjunneson (aka Raven S. Silverwing)

A bit of my poetry (terrible, I know) but I'm no T.S. Eliot. This is a part of a long poem I wrote a while back. I'll find the rest.