Lady Marin's Story

Emilie Finn

This story introduces a new set of characters from a coastal village in a country to the far west of Lauralia. I call it my Louisa May Alcott story, because it's written very much in a 19th century style. Part two is in my Other Works section. (Don't ask me why this one qualifies as fantasy and part two doesn't...)

The Ecstasy of Blood

Liz Spalding

I felt like writing a short story one night after reading a chilling horror book I bought from B-A-M. This was the result. A mother is forced to make a terrible decision as her son pays her a late-night visit.

Fall of a Sparrow (For Emily)


Romance... I've never been very good at writing it, I fear. My internal monitor has a low tolerance for it, though perhaps this simply means that I am a sap and heart and trying to fight it, who knows. Stories with 'story book romances' tend to annoy me. I do like unusual love stories, though, especially when they are only a single part of a greater tale and yet manage to hold their own. I also love the ever-so-rare and elusive platonic loves, but that has little to do with the following. This is a romance, or a piece of one at any rate. Most romances center around two people meeting and falling in love. This is a bit different. There is also a lot of background that has been left out intentionally. This makes the tale very experimental, and yet I hope it works. Critiques and suggestions are very welcome.Yes, Em, I wrote this for you. Yes, it is about the Sparrow you know. 

A Taken Toe Sock

Heather Moyer

Ever wonder where all those missing socks go? Maybe they help the people who are gone remember who they once were...


Laura Lange

Fairies ... yeas I know this is an obvious style, but this is my first real story which I started last year and then picked up again now. It is about a fairy growing up and her life.

Gone Chapter 2

Erica X. Aumand

well here is the second chapter!

Ainne 2

Gabs Béland

Second chapter...a better description will be added when it is not late at night and I am not exhausted, sorry. Enjoy.

The Unicorn's Egg

Annie Harrington

I don't exactly know where this one spawned from, except that I first thought of this (very randomly) while some of my friends were talking about a certain Australian crocodile hunter who seems to love wrestling and poking potentially dangerous and sometimes venemous reptiles (though that has nothing to do with this particular story). Enjoy!

The Lioness and the Gryphon

Melanie Robison

A poem about a girl who rises above her heartbreak and finds true strength within herself. She is able to become a strong woman and mother under the guardianship of the legendary gryphon.

Creation Myth

Ashley Brodie

Just a random thing that came to me whilst I was writing my Celtic myth, despite that the only way they connect is that they're myths!

Asthore's Lullaby

Sarah Allinger

We all have specific things we remember about people who have left our lives. For example, my grandmother used to recite a poem about being a rotten egg in a tree ('...and when someone that I disliked would pass beneath my tree/I'd take my rotten little self and throw myself at he!') Almost ten years after her death, I can still hear her voice when I think of the poem. For Atarien, one of her most vivid memories of her mother is the lullaby that she used to sing. She finds herself singing it too from time to time.

Into the Sea Act 1

Amy Schley

This story began with a dream of being a mermaid swimming into the sea. I played around with making it the classic fairy tale of the orphan and the evil witch, but that just seems too cliche. I wanted characters who felt like people I knew. I wanted the Mermaids to actually be adapted to the ocean enviroment, instead of the creation of VERY lonely sailors. I also love the idea of what happens next in fairy tales (Into the Woods, anyone?), and I honestly hate the message of Disney's 'The Little Mermaid.' A sixteen year old girl who abandons her family for a man she has seen once (once!) gets daddy's blessing and eternal happiness? Not in any world I know. So I emphasized the mermaid's self-centeredness, made the witch someone who just does what she has to do to get by, made daddy mermaid bitter, introduced a granddaughter, and let the whole thing run.

Tapestry of Power Chapter 9

Jessica Menn

We meet Tnaka and Provenna (the two other Powers) on 'The Night of the Feast'. Chapter Highlights: Kozan spills wine on Provenna's dress and uses the word 'deil'.


David Watson

This story is of a girl who inherits magical items and the effect that they have on her life.

Dreams of Night

Rhonda Jezek

I just finished typing this and haven't even proofed it yet but I thought I'd stick it up here anyway because it's a happy story and I so rarely write those.

Hello, Death. And how are you?

Rhonda Jezek

A young mother faces a gruesome choice for the fate of her children.

The Valley of Truth

Neomi Geva

This is a relatively old story telling the story of how Diana, Dorland and Spudge met the gypsy Droof. I am now in the process of changing the story since now I have decided that Droof and Spudge knew each other before hand and met the other two together. Oh, and yea, Droof is not a gypsy name, and it is not his real name either. It's a nickname, just like Dorland's name and Spudge's. Droof's real name is Drayven.

Eternal Dream - Ch. 2-4

Jordan Druid' Rimer

Dael finds that all is not right after his 17th birthday. The girl in white reveals herself to him once again and explains what he must do to save his town from total destruction. also, a might be 'villan' is revealed

Evanescence, Chapter One

M. Welsh

Chapter one...

Beauty and the Bounty Hunter- Chapter Three

Elizabeth Walker aka 'Moth'

After the destruction of her village Em manages to escape but has she plunged herself into worse danger than before?