A Love Story

Mary Chmielewski aka Maribel Zytka

A lame title, but for all the work I've done on it, I still can't come up with a good title. Anyway, this started as an assignment for a composition class, we had to write a story that was one page long, I was the only person who thought this was short!! This is the first of what I later called my 'Circle Stories.' Hope you enjoy. :)

Kindness in the Heart of a Mountain

Mary Chmielewski aka Maribel Zytka

This is the first part of a story that was written in response to another that I read. In short I did not like the way it ended and wanted a happy ending, very unusual for me really. So I wrote this story, which does have a happy ending I just haven't written it yet. :)

CH.05 Acquaintances

Lora Sigmon

This chapter is shorter than most of the others, but don't worry, that changes soon. Yippee... Not much happens in this one either. I've got an art account, and I'll upload pictures on it, since that's just simpler. PLEASE COMMENT!!! :)

CH.04 Within the Walls; A Lesson on Life

Lora Sigmon

Well... Chapter four. Lots of happy things in the chapter. One happy thing is that the writing actually starts to...um, how could I put this... Not suck? There is another happy fight, and another bizarre dream sequence. There is even a happy little poem at the beginning. (oh, wonderful change)


f. hiromitsu

i have no other title for it... it's kinda a stupid title... eh. oh well. poem! em.... inspired after reading the first two books of the OTORI TALES. those good books man!

6-Towards the Mountains

Jen Curtis

Chapter 5 of Horn Blade, Towards the Mountains. With Eyali as a guide, Nara and Kallen head towards the infamous Dragonspine Mountains.

Tapestry of Power Chapter 3

Jessica Menn

Orion and Mystia run away to 'The Mountains of Lathinor'. Chapter Highlight: Mystia snuggles with Nightfall.

The Seven Wolfs

Francis Samalot Rivera

This is actually the background for a story I was doing. The -original- story setting is 200 years later and so what is related here is the memories of one gypsy bard to what is happening in the present.

Chapter 03 - Dryads, part 1

Melissa O´Dowd

Squee - this is coming up quicker than I thought. Okay, here as the title suggests is some new characters. There's more than meets the eye with these guys, but you'll have to wait and see...

Hall of Lorin

Jillian Kielo

This is a dumb story I wrote. It is a story (one of many) that tells tales of Kings in the lineages of these lands.


Mike Marsden

Evol seeks a way to destroy the demon plague

Why there are Bats

Rachel Morgan

I got an English assignment to write a myth and I *personally* think you might enjoy reading it.

The Riders of the King's Own ~ Part Four

Anna Thomas

Still in the wilds of Kazin, still three men down, still with an (annoying, some of the bois would say) innovative General at the helm X3 So here, we introduce the remaining pikeman and blade archer, and two more swordies. Because I love swords. Have you noticed that yet? =3 Also? Anyone trying to lay claim to Kurae... you can't. Sallie's already taken him X3 As ever, Nyan rana yn ___, di nyan yn Maralu translates to 'My name is ___, and I'm a rider for the King's Own.' So much easier to say Maralu, innit? I say Own rider. Cos it's English =3

Just a Little Rain

Natalia Kostylev

What would it be like to be the last person alive? Random thoughts turn into a short story...think I threw enough apocalyptic things at a time in there?

Beauty and the Bounty Hunter- Chapter Three

Elizabeth Walker aka 'Moth'

After the destruction of her village Em manages to escape but has she plunged herself into worse danger than before?

Beyond the Seas

This poem precedes the prologue of my first novel, which is in progress. Further elaboration on the Racon is found in my story/scene 'A Not-So-Soft Moonlit Night.'

Beyond the Wastes - Chapter 3

Trevor Yuill

Chapter 3!!! (who would have guessed? You would have?!?!?! Really? My god!) Anyway...best one yet in my opion. Enjoy.

Beyond the Wastes - Chapter 2

Trevor Yuill

Second chapter of Beyonf the Wastes (who would have known?) Starts to actually get interesting here.

...sort of between planets... 1-1

Benjamin Anthony Ickler

Everything changes when a mysterious creature visits Palenia, especially the lives of two young spellcasting guardsmen.

Bardic Tales: Song of the Marimea

Thomas St.Clair

This is a song-poem written by a Bard and documented by Ylltz the Kestrel. Related to my story, Era of Darkness.