The Castle of Ice: The Agony Amongts the Beauty

Brittany Dulay

A story about death and love and how we all hide in our own castle of ice. I'm not too happy about this one...of course I never am.

Deadly Embrace

Dorian Yarbrough

This is a poem I wrote whilst doing my homework one night... I wasn't in a dark mood, just bored with Algebra.

Lost Love

Nicolei Arnold

A sad, yet heart touching, story.

Finding Felina Part One

Amanda Kunkle

This is the first in a longer series loosely based on a story I wrote in middle school. It isn't exactly a happy story...

You are

Jean Boree

Well, this is just a little poem/thoughts of a lonely lady waiting for her beloved knight to return home from a battle :) praying, that the visions she sees arn't his ghost.. and the silence she has recived not a sign that he has met his end :) I want to put this one here in honor of Joeie:) for her beautiful and sweet piciture she did.. I now see how one of my poems is seen by her.. thank you dear, it means the world to me! No matter where you go, I am there with you. Always and forever, bound are we by heart and soul. No matter should death claim one or the other tomarrow, we would still forever be there with one another.. so is our love, that nothing, not time or space shall ever part us. This poem is done in honor of Joeie! :O)

The Terror of Mournside Manor - Chapter 1: The Storm Breaks

Paul Tunaley

An unusual story of of Cross Planar Vengeance introducing a new kind of investigator...

The Silent Tragedy: A Red Rose for My Undying Queen (Prologue)

Brittany Dulay

The beginning of my novel. I am not too sure where I am going with it but I am excited about it! It seems to be my best work so far and I have attempted novels in the past but now it seems I really might have a story here. The story is mainly about a girl named Rauvinne and how she is eternally separated from her lover by immortality. All she has to hold of him is a rose undying by the virtues of death.

Mourn No More - Poem

Brandon Halcomb

What happens when all are dead but you?

Garden of Darkness

Stacy Goll

A poem of Death in a winter garden surrounded by his minions.

Godhunter Part XII: Divide and Conquer

Jake Diebolt

Casia, Seer and Brother to the Godhunter, has betrayed the Dirge and now guides the Godhunter on his ruthless journey. With his sister at his side, the Godhunter embarks on his most ambitious hunt of with the goal of bringing down the Sky Lords.

The Terror of Mournside Manor - Chapter 2: House of Shadows

Paul Tunaley

A tale of Cross Planar Vengeance introducing a new kind of investigator...

Dead Fairy

Nikos Mouchtaris

... one night a child and his hound went for a walk. The child found this really beautiful flower and took it.. and a fair soul with it...