The Dark Hills

Stephanie Forrest

The Dark Hills was written spontaniously in a chat that I played a bard char in. You can probably tell (as I can) that it was written on the fly with a lot of other things distracting me. I'm putting it up because it later inspired a story, of the same name, that I am rather proud of. I lost the hard copy of the short story so I don't know if I will ever post it but I hope I can recover the comp file and post it for referance.

The Mourning (a poem)

David Daumit

This poem was inspired by many visits to an Irish pub, where I listened to acoustic and electric renditions of authentic Irish and Celtic songs. The most memorable of these songs for me were those dealing with war, death, and/or the loss of a loved one. So evolved this, my own take on an Irish folk song...

The New Machine Part 4: Extreme Ways

Adam B. Ragg, or 'AdZ von Raggamuffin', or 'Adam Wragg, The Well-Known Typing Error'

Reborn realises he is being used, and tries to escape by force.

Last Plainsrunner

Ryan Gray

This makes no sense whatsoever. I have a continual vision in my mind of a woman who is mourning something. And there are certain songs that I hear that trigger that image, and more and more comes into focus as I listen. But only certain songs will work, and it seems it is strongest the first time. This makes no sense whatsoever. Maybe one day I'll understand.

Love lost

Nathyun Schnebbe

A poem about a man who loses the woman he loves. She knows he would rather die than live without her but encourages him to live anyway.

A New World

Amy Yancey

Another short piece I did for my Adv. Creative Writing Class. For this one, we had to create a mood. I think I did the best I could. Its about my best RP character, Zanthia, and how she felt when she first arrived on Shasea when she had to bury her best friend.


Amy Yancey

This is a short piece I wrote in my Adv Creative Writing Class. The prodject was to take a picture and write what came to mind. I had a picture of a tomb stone and instantly I thought about the recent death of one of my best RP characters, Zanthia. This is piece is about her daughter, Celeste, and how she felt around that time until her love, Kaoru, came and led her away.

The Cure: Chapter Two

Lucy Wright AKA Custard

Sammy's mourning her brother. then gets sprung with an idea. and starts her adventure.

Make 'em Gone

Erick Emert

There was much happiness when Ahllie returned to the Weald and was reunited with her remaining Cord members. When she returned to the rebuild village of Thelra, however, there were memories to be dealt with. In Vigroth fashion, Ahllie spent one night in mourning. This poem came out of that night's feelings. (This poem was selected as Editor's Choice and published by Fantasy, Folklore, & Fairytales)


Amanda Johnson

I wrote this for a school assignment and it was supposed to be a free-verse shape poem *hisses* I wasn't happy. Almost at the point of wipping out a hokey circle poem I was suddenly and almost literally hit with a lightbulb brainstorm. How in the world could 'I' right something like that. I couldn't believe that I had almost conformed. My classmates would have been shocked to say the least.So, this is the result of my on switching. It was originally shaped like a fang. Needless to say I didn't let my classmates down

Mourning Mist

Marie Thorsen

This story was written with the drawing of a picture. This, I am sure, makes no sense, but they are part of the same, one has given inspiration to the other. The picture was created by Anssi Inkinen who has given his full consent to the posting of his work here. NB: Since I cannot figure out how to upload the image, I will gladly mail it to anyone interested.


Kaye Hashimoto-Ghan

This one is about the Columbine shooting. 'He' with a capitalized H represents God.

Daemon in the Night

Sàm Crossley

A poem about an incubus, well his latest victim.

Guardian Song

Cynthia Armstrong

A poem, from the eyes of Rafael. This is the first time I've written a poem in years, so feedback is much appreciated. I stink at things like meter and rhyme, just so you know...

Chapter One

Anika Ueckermann

The start to my novel. In which the characteristics fo Jesse, Skye and Aeonie are revealed.


Ashlyn White

I wrote this when I was first told I'm on the back burner in a friendship I took for something more.

Sleep Now

Jessica Cannon

Another poem, one for all those who were never blessed with glory at the hour of their death. Even the common people, the peasants of medieval times who watched as the armies marched off to war were still people. All those who have lost someone they loved will know that sometimes people you think were wonderful will never be sung about, never be honoured... unless you honour them.


Christa Nopp

The tragedy of a love between an elven woman and a human warrior.

The Lone Wild Heart: Chapter 13 - The Return of Spring

Christina Stoppa

I finally finished this! I had so much trouble getting it down. Well, its finally down and I'm glad I can move on to writing the next chapter. This one isn't my best work, but still, I hope you all enjoy it.

Lost Love

Nicolei Arnold

A sad, yet heart touching, story.