Two mice and a Mouse

Dewald Malan

It's basically a dialog between two mice, who are dissatisfied with their owner Timmy

Mouse, Chapter Two: Mouse

Rebecca Helfer

The story now shifts from the Duke and High Mage to the main character, Mouse.

The Mouse who Went to the Moon

Lars Hellberg

A story about a young mouse boy who tries to save himself and his father from starvation, by seeking the fabled treasure of the Moon Palace. This is a revised, hopefully improved version.

Makia's Big Adventure

Molica Peoples

Have you ever wondered what your computer does while you're away? This is my first attempt at a semi-children's story. ^_^ But don't let that discourage you from reading it.

Mouse, Chapter One: Finding

Rebecca Helfer

The beginning of my unfinished fantasy epic. The plot starts moving right out the gate and four important characters are briefly introduced.

Into the Unknown, Chapter 2

Benjamin Fitting

The second chapter of Into the Unknown, a story of love, hate, anger, and all that good stuff. : )


Anna Mortensen

As posted by the Devonshire Alley Critter Protection League, in coordination with The Feral Feline Education Society... *All illustrations are by Sadia Ali and used with her permission. I recently rewrote the ending. Everything runs a lot smoother now. Of course, that's not saying much...

Chapter 4

Opal Parkison

The Kairin search party sets out into the forest and meets Woryla.

Cinderella Syndrome

Lindsay Lockhart

A 'Human Tale' of a modern adaptation of Cinderella dealing with it as the syndrome.

Mixed Company

Jason Hartsfield

Hmm... Don't ask me EXACTLY where it came from. Maybe an old play on the mouse and lion thing. Except in this one, the lion is a dragon...

Visitors II

Katharina Prinz

This is a tribute to one of my favourite musicians, songwriters and actors, Ludwig Hirsch. This austrian artist once wrote a song about alien visitors that inspired me to write this story.

Into the Unknown: Chapter 1

Benjamin Fitting

An under-construction chapter story concerning the adventures of an unwilling hero in a strange land... If you want to know more, you can jolly well read it.

Mouse, Chapter Three: Awakening

Rebecca Helfer

The aftermath of the boy's punishment, where we learn more about him and something magical happens.

Mountian Boot

Bryony Stubbs

I wrote this ages ago for a Guides talent show... But I still like it. It's got animals that are acting like humans, so I believe that now counts as fantasy. Sorry if it doesn't, Mr/Mrs/Ms Moderator.

chapter 13

Opal Parkison

We return to the storyline with Ghil and that lot. Another Lidare comes into the picture.

Once Upon a Time

Reuth Dekel

A short fable I wrote a long time ago. Though it is so short, I think it holds some important conclusions

Sapphire Eyes Part Four: A Kitten And An Escape

Athene Grele

The saga continues! Today we meet a kitten named Mouse. How much better than that can it get?! Read on, my eager fans, read on!

Dustin's Great Adventure

Megan Novak

A short piece about an adventerous little jerboa named Dustin. Also a work I did for Creative Writing.

The World-Maker

Lynn Tegan

 Sinrai is a young woman who, out of a whole slew of apprentices, was chosen as the new World-Maker, a highly privileged servant of the Spider Queen. The Realm is probably what one would think as typically evil - they enslave, torture for fun, and generally wish to conquer for their own gain. Sinrai herself is under the pressure to find another creator like her, who makes very sophisticated beings and sets them free in the wild to live as animals live, meanwhile attempting to please her Queen...----This is the bare basics of a story I am working on. I have yet to do a lot of "fleshing out" which is not one of my strong points, but something to improve upon. I am looking for all sorts of criticism regarding this story. I hope to one day make it into a novella or something more, and maybe publish it.

The Immortals (Intro - 2007)

Sarah Bellian

This is the introduction to my brainchild (the Chaos Realm series.) If you haven't read it yet, I insist that you do. There's lots to be found on my website (see 'Own Gallery') and more in progress all the time. CR is about a world(s) formed from collective insanity, ruled by a child and populated by all manner of very unique 'people'. Time runs in circles, and as is the name of the game, 'chaos' ensues. Gods and monsters, humans, dragons, demons and other strange creatures live side by side in a realm perpetually balanced on the edge of oblivion. 'The Immortals' introduces the character of Artemis Ravencroft, better known as 'She-Who-is-Behind-It-All'. Hippie dragons, flying taxis and exploding jellybeans, ohmy!