Scroll: Prologue

Divina Fuentes

This story is dedicated to Emma. An older woman becomes caught up in a war after her two sons are killed, leaving only a strange scroll behind.

Window to Reality Chapter 1: Entrance to Yindell

Jennifer Stuart

Ever wondered what it would look like from inside an online text-based roleplaying game? This story's about a young girl who got sucked into her favorite MUD.

September Incorporated

Danielle Agar

This is actually a pastiche of MUD experiences. All three of the characters involved are defunct, so I don't mind sharing it as much as I would if they were still functional. This is very obviously incomplete, but I have no intention of ever finishing it. Still, I think it suits the Elfwood mood very well. The MUD in question is Dark and Shattered Lands. I go through characters there like popcorn, but I find the location very fertile for the imagination. If the story piques your interest, check out


Theola Faline

I was sad. So I wrote...**shrug**

A Change of Kin (Chapter1 part3)

Robin Ammerlaan

My story continues! Enjoy!

A night to forget - Marissa's story

Andrew Jackson

'Ever had a dream that would be shattered by a kiss? A lifetime plan broken by a moment of unfaithfulness?' This one took me about four or five hours from woe to go, and any constructive criticism is greatly appreciated. :)

Mischief at Hand: A Pij Storynote

Danielle Agar

This is a story note for my character from my favouritest MUD, Dark and Shattered Lands. I used to do story notes for other characters in the past, but I never saved them. *thwap self* So this time, I'm sharing with as many people as I can. It's short and sweet and to the point... --> Goblin chickie strikes back! (Or at least intends to.)

Window to Reality Chapter 2: Welcome to Yindell

Jennifer Stuart

What happened to Emily's computer? What did her dream mean? Keep reading to find out...


Ashley Wynn

Canada Clay is by far one of my favorite writers here in Wyvern's Library. While it hasn't gotten there yet, this story is headed for Keppie's Place. “Eckievres Nieatnouf” Many thanks go to Canada Clay for giving me permission fuse my world with his.

Chapter 5- Damn that Striker

Brienna Critchfield

Striker and Larae are thrown out of the bar for fighting.

The Damned Ball

Candace Hoes

This is my creative spin on the creation of our planet.

Jinx - portrait of a pessimist

Tiffanie Gray

Jinx was a really fun character. Here is a little bit of her life and brand of philosophy...

Talien's No Good Very Bad Day

Michael Tresca

Proof I have a sense of humor. Or perhaps, proof I don't...


Sean Michaels

This story is the most blatantly 'sword and sorcery' of those I've posted. While I tend to lean towards more literary pieces (as evidenced by much of the other work here), this tale is meant to capture the imagination, as well as to stand as a base for later legends. It is the creation myth of the world of Ai - a world developed for use on the MUD I own and operate (Eternal Struggle). By expanding on this base myth, we could create an entire mythos and a series of stories to follow it. I think it meets its goal quite admirably (it is certainly an interesting read), though it does not carry the literary value that would be required, I think, for publication elsewhere.


Laura Peregrin

This story happened because of a certain collectable card game, and my general obsession with goblins. There will be more goblin stories...

Criadito's History

Brian Smith

This is the history of my favorite character, Criadito, written in two parts over the past few years. He exists on the Labyrinth; if you wish to know more of his story, go find him there. :)

Shadows and Dust

Hannah Smith

I hate having to rhyme poetry. @_@