The Black Diamond

Christopher Watkins

Queen Morion is captivated by a powerful, magical gem. With it, she can do just about anything. Without it, she meets the brink of insanity.


Chester Copperpot

Ok this one came from a conversation about time zones and people in the same time zone being on different times due to some being on daylight saving and others not (NSW + Queensland) the other person suggested I try to write a story about it only when it came to writing it, it sort of shited to wrong watch times, anyway its got holes in it too, bit stuck with it to be truthful, kept running away from me somewhat


Elizabeth Cordes

I wrote this before 'Dream Reality'. It was sort of a model for it. A very loose model, mind you...

Lost to the mob

Ewan J. Smith

This was based on a dream I had. It is a dark tale of the invasion of an invasion of the Old World by the fearsome orcs.

At the End of Broken Dreams (i)

Désirée Dippenaar

The drunk is taller and broader than him - and he has a knife. He is asking for money which Gion refuses to give. Only one will survive their chance meeting in the streets of a gypsy village - but Gion's survival brings great consequences with it... My entry for Inkwell Artisans Project 2! On the language: The language I used for the gypsies in this story is actually Rumantsch, the fourth national language of Switzerland. Vowels of gypsy words and all names should be pronounced like in German. ('a' like the u in 'mud', 'e' like in 'egg', 'i' like ee, 'u' like oo) Gion is pronounced 'Jon'. The ptarmigan (chapter 2) is an alpine bird, also known as rock grouse. December 2007: some changes made, chapter 2 is now far longer and there's lots more background detail :D

Misadventures Three: Darkness

Pamela Lehmann

After Book Two: Lies, we now return to Tulomon Willenello the Elf and Iggle Miffkins the Ipah (halfling). This story picks up from the goat (last line of Book One) and adventure that followed...

The Bullet

Julian 'Llos' Greene

This one was nagging to be written for a while. Besides, I had been interested in writing a poem that was obviously suicidal, mayhaps to reflect that part of myself (Yes, I am prone to bouts of severe depression, with the oft though of suicide. I found reasons not to each time, though, as I'm still here).

The Fated Rise of a Hero

Christopher Grant

A cocky ex-knight with a loose grip on reality finds himself in conflict with a murderous warrior as he flees for his life.

Palace Macabre Ch.4

H. Coyne

We tour the strange house and meet Lucrece: 'She was regal, beautiful and severe, like the blade of an artisan's sword'.

Small Selection of Horrific Stories

Bart Meijer

A couple of stories I wrote a few days ago. I tried to put in a subtle hint of horror, and I hope I succeeded, please comment!!


Beibei Du

Just me experimenting with a new style and a new genre. I've never really read horror, so I've no idea whether this is original, totally cliche or whatever, it's just something I felt like writing.

Broken Philosophies

Ben Cameron

Welcome to the twisted, ugly world of Kedemar. This is the latest thing my muse threw at me and demanded me to write. If this continues, I plan to tackle all the things that really leave me floundering - first person perspective, some stirring dialogue, dynamic characters, increased vocabulary, some big plot twists / revelations, and as always, leaving things hidden for the reader to discover. I'm also going to broach ever so slightly into sci-fi, however it is still grounded firmly in the world of fantasy. A word of warning. This is not a pretty story. It is vastly different from the rest of my pieces. There will be blood, death, politics and religion - though not all in this one chapter. If you don't mind that, then please keep reading. Depending on the reaction, I might or might not keep posting chapters up.

The Spiders

Rasmus Boserup

A story about a insane man, who thinks that spiders will soon take over the world.

Emerald Flames

Faith Bounarotti

The race of Elves have been broken for well over 500 years and the heir to the throne of Volkin, the strongest elven race, half warrior Elf and half Solavis, were lost in the last great battle between the race of Elves and humans. Merik a young boy with a mysterious necklace that is connected to his bloodline, finally finds out the truth about who he truly his. After losing everything at the young age of 10. Merik became a cold thief who was nicknamed the Silver Dragon. Now feared by all and loathed by the tyrant king, Milthor. Merik, sent by the mystic Elf Silsa, to the southern forests of Crominl to seak out a band of thieves called the Black Thorn headed by a young beauty called the Emerald Rogue, nicknamed after his brilliant emerald eyes. Right after starting his trip Merik captures an orphan Elf named Realis who he slowly befriends, who he was told could help him on his quest. With her help and the Emerald Rogues he will find his future and past. A new emotion sparks inside both the Emerald Rogue and Merik; an emotion that died a long time ago is now turning their worlds upside down. Now the two young men have to deal with their love for each other and both their true destinies finally comes into play and the responsibly that comes with it.

A way of souls, Chapter 3

Andrew B. Moses

A new character here, Elwin Marocas. She gets attacked by the same person that murdered Reymund's mother and sister.

Chosen I - The First to Live

Sophia Rose Dique

This is the first in a series of poems; A bit of mystery, a bit of horror - lets see what we can do with it.

Chapter 19

Andrew Casey

The Games progress and all looks well...or does it? Shadows move behind the scenes...

Vorlana's Past - Part 2

Christine Augustus

Battle hardened vampiress discovers her sires death, her own ancestry, and a friend's treachery. ((The spell cast in this is entirely made up from my head. Any relation to any language or other made-up spell is entirely coincidental))

Vorlana's Past - Part 4

Christine Augustus

Hurts heal as a vampiress finds welcome and perhaps love; dark clouds threaten to shatter her fragile peace.

Luke's Story Chapter 5 - Starting a New Life

Nicole Byers

This is when Luke gets his new apartment and begins starting his new life as a full fledged vampire. A bit boring, but usually all stories have their boring parts. ~.~