Panya Raine' Smithe

ok, I went back and read this... I think it's too much alike... so this would be copy right Lena D. LeRoy if you ask me... 8/28/00


Evan Harris

I wrote this on one of my lows. Thinking about those kids in america who killed the school.


Hayley van Gelder

I haven't looked at at this in such a long time...And it's gonna change. Open to suggestions on this one.

Blood stains (a poem)

Kaisa I. Stilger

I have illustrated this poem on my art gallery. writen 4-21-99

Fighting the Unknown_04

chapter 3 to Fighting the Unknown, Istanvai finally has a firm grasp on her and she needs to get out of the castle, her life is threatened by her dead father and she feels that she would rather die than stay there...

Fighting the Unknown_03

chapter 2 to Fighting the Unknown, Raisa tries to live as before, but with the sinking feeling of Istanvai finding her again, she is forced to take cover and remain out sight as long as possible

Fighting the Unknown_02

chapter one to Fighting the Unknown, Raisa learns some interesting new things, and Istanvai finds her again

Constantly Flying

Mariposa Gollery

Okay, here it is, edited and final (still hopefully) and good. Yaay!A vampire attacks and gets bested by a human, who is really not all that she seems...This is NOT a love story! NO! It really isn't! I'm serious! There is no love! None!


Scott Karr

Oddly enough, I came up with the inspiration for this story while watching the movie 'Butterfly Effect'. In one scene, the main character was looking at himself in the mirror, I found myself asking the question, 'what would happen if someone's reflection was alive?'. I wrote about a paragraph as soon as I got home, but set aside because I was already in the middle of too many projects at the time. Well, I found that paragraph on my hard drive about a week ago and this is the story that formed from it. This is only a rough draft and I plan on revising it and making a finished draft which I will also post on this site. I would much like to put a rough draft and a finished draft of the same story on this site, just to show the kind of changes my stories go through when I revise them.

The Sins of a King

Kori De-Ann

This is a poem I wrote... I don't like the ryhming aspect of it but whatever.

The Weekly Routine

Jan Inge Nygård

This is a short story, which I might build more upon later, that is about a mysterious murderer which gets a sudden turn in his life. We get to see what the murderer does with a victims body presumably short after victims death and we get to see some flashbacks in the earlier course of his life. But I didnt feel for delving straight into the core of that persons characteristics, because I feel it would be more natural to cover that over several pages. So this short story I made only touches the surface so-to-say, but I feel I still am able to make a good illustration of how this person (or type of person) is.  The characteristics of this person are based on my somewhat traumatized and "unnatural" childhood, however the characteristics I cover could represent certain special type of men that cover both genders. 


Noel Dwyer

An old dwarf that has spent most of his life exiled from everything to do with his people... i won't go into detail. This is his poem, slightly nostalgic, about when he was young, before he was separated from the rest of the dwarven race.

Fighting the Unknown_05

Kyrena and Vaedd initiate their plan to escape, Istanvai is not happy...

The Unseen Retribution

Scott Schubert

Here, I tried to integrate poetry with a story. Generally, I don't really like poetry, but I thought it just kind of fit with this one. It tells about... well, just read it and get your own thoughts about it.

The Blessing of Night

Carrie Ott

In the midnight blackness of Lyana's world, there shines one glimmer of hope to which she clings. But perhaps, that hope is misplaced... Short story. 3 hours to complete. Hope you like it! The goal was to create a complete short story in under 55 sentences, which I did (52 sentences). Comments and criticism greatly appreciated! Edit 11/23/08 - Yay! I finally fixed all those annoying line feeds that didn't need to be there! So now the story looks presentable, format-wise.


Sarah Liu

Well, we were reading Edgar Allan Poe in lang/lit, and so our teacher decided to make us write a story in his style. You know, dark, gloomy, depressing, etc. So here's my Poe-ish story... I actually like it, which is pretty unusual, as I normally hate the stuff I write for school. By the way, one thing we were supposed to do was change POV's, which gets kinda confusing. So... if you see this - *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* -, it means that it changes POV's... just a little thing to make it clearer. :)


Aubrey Walters

I'm not to proud of this story, but I promised myself that I'd have a scaryish story up for Halloween. I wrote it awhile ago and never did any real changes to it, so it's basically in its originale form. I'll just say it's about the Grimm Reaper teaching someone a leason.