She Writes About Writing

Brianne Hughes

This is a glimpse into what it's like to be in my brain, sorta. The assignment was to describe your life or an event in your life. I chose writing :)

Midnight Muse (Poem)

Tina Andersen

Sometimes, I really hate muses... 'specially when Jakob drags me outta bed at 3 am to jot down a poem (Yes! I have a muse, he's male and named Jakob! Gotta problem?!). But, ah well... Dedicated to my little Jak.


Rachel 'Arwen' Poulson

Dedicated to all my fellow writers. Muses are sometimes difficult to work with. A humorous look at 'inspiration.'

The Arrival of Venlah

Mike Prescott

This is when Venlah, the Bringer of War, first leaved her celestial bower to grant the suffering people the gift of war to revolt. Worked hard - rhyming is hard!

Conversations with the Muse I

Maeve Leonard

In an assignment for a class called 'The Art of Writing' we had to make a portfolio of the work we had done. I was going through a rough spot, I think, and insecurity was at an all time high at the start of the class. The Muse pieces are a chronology of what I had to go through to reach a place where I could be considered a 'writer.' This was the 'Beginning.' Updated: July 21 2003. Finally getting around to editting all of this. Thank you for your comments and encouragement! As you can see, I do take note of them.

Musa-Epilogue: The Stages

Diana Moon' Schmuckal

A/N: Thank you for reading! This is a different PoV, fyi. But I try to make it obvious very quickly.


Talis McMullen

Dread is one of my highest ranking muses, so he thinks he can do and get away with whatever he likes. And often times he can and does.

When the Muse Calls

Lily Archer

The corners of your mind are coming alive unasked-for, and dancing like ghosts to gain your attention. What moves them? Is there a puppeteer?

A Muse Alone

Cynthia Roeder

Part of a series about females with their world torn away. This story makes me want my very own Galvinia to inspire ME!

Meeting my Muse

Kortnee Bryant

Okay, after a lot of talk about what muses are and what they do, I came up with this. I couldn't sleep until I got it written. Now, you all get to share the sleep deprived fantasy. Enjoy! Oh, and watch out for the waffle.

Travels of a Muse

Tambra Lindstrom

Another chapter in the Deasrei Forestine Tale.

To Be a Musing

J Taylor

The creature is mentioned all the time at Elfwood...but what exactly is a muse? What does a muse do and what does it do when it is not weaving its typical inspiration?

About Katanya

Jennifer Meadows

Katanya describes herself...

My protector

Lyssa Quest

I wrote this, thinking of that one entity, that one firend that despire any writers block, or any artists mistake, will stand and direct your hand to the best course. Can you guess who it is?

Conversations with the Muse III 'Become'

Maeve Leonard

This one came after 'Something Eternal' and before '.corner.' Something Eternal was a poem I was most proud of. It really meant a lot to me. And '.corner.'? Scared me. I had never written anything like that and, though teachers urged me to get published in school things and friends agreed it was the best piece of writing of Maeve's...I wasn't comfortable with it. I 'Became' something I didn't want to be. ...spooky, ne?

Conversations with the Muse II 'Create'

Maeve Leonard

This came after 'A Brief Moment' ect. and before 'Something Eternal' in my portfolio. I'm not addressing my horrible writing slump to my muse. I wrote these all out of order. You can tell with the more typos there are, the later it was getting. I think there's something charming about the typos, and I don't like fixing them. Not just yet. I wept when I wrote this one. I don't really know why. I think because I know what the few things Luna holds most dearly are. Currently? It's Ahlren. *see 'Something Eternal.'* And I think Luna was talking about losing him and...well? I simply cried. That's the only explination I can give for it. Ah well...enjoy!

Conversations with the Muse IV 'Ending'

Maeve Leonard

Hm. I didn't realize I only had one more chapter in the CWM series. The assignment was that we had to write an 'analytical' piece, answering the question 'Is writing art?' (The class was called 'the art of writing', of course.)But I decided to continue with my muse theme, and wrote this instead. My teacher was so taken with my muse, that she didn't care. I got an A++ on my portfolio. This is the ending. ...I have come to terms with my art. But are the consquences worth it? This is The End.


Lyndsay Gilbert aka Liadan

poem story about an Angel Muse

The Modern Damned (unfinished)

Matthew Brown

This is a story about a VERY old vampire. It contains some profanity which has been censored !#ยข*. I have tried to make it so that those of us who know what the words are can still make them out. (If you know what the words are, you shouldn't have any reason to hate reading them, especially since I warned you here.) Hopefully they aren't so close to the look of the actual words that I will soil impressionable minds. I'm not trying to sneak the words in, I just like to know what a person means in place of !@#$.

No More Words

Shuo Chen

Written to help me overcome a writer's block.