Troubling Discoveries: Prologue

C. Henderson

A story of one young man's journey through life that I've had rattling around in the 'ol gray matter, and I'm finally forcing myself to sit down and right it. More is forthcoming, as I can write again. Please Bear with me,and thanks.

The Lady and the Mirror Chapter 3

Mark Gooijer

The adventures of Zippo the Mythecantor and Synthe the Wanderer

Palace Macabre Ch.3

H. Coyne

Anya meets the most advanced and mysterious member of the Doctor's household: Vivaldi.

Shifting Music

Emily Weichbrod

Another story with some of how music affects me. Some songs just move you...

True Identity Chapter 2

Ashley Blanton

This is the second chapter of my story. A lot of revealing happens here, and you see the true identity of the main characters.

Awaken To Faith (Chapter 1)

Heidi Ewing

A red-robed mage hires on a black-robe, assisting her to travel to the city of Ike. Just the boring first chapter of a story I hope I'll break my writer's block on.


Charles Trowbridge

This has nothing to do with the rpg nightlife(which is a great game, by the way). It's another not-so-cyber - punk story. What i've been doing alot recently is work on the story elements of cyberpunk. Yeah, hardware is important. In my humble oppionion one of the biggest mistakes cyberpunk authers make is being too dependent on hardware and not enought on wetwear. Cyberpunk is a state of mind, not a state of body. If it was a state of body then comic book cyborgs would be cyberpunk. Having metal in your frame has nothing to do with riding the edge of the dark future. There are plenty of cyberpunks in popular media who dont have a single implant but who are way more part of the genre than your run of the mill cyberninja. Check out the character Leon in 'The Professional' if you dont beleave me.

Nightstalkers 61-70

CHAN Chih Lancelot

my project of story and music

Nightstalkers Music Synopsis

CHAN Chih Lancelot

It's about the music of the series.

Nightstalkers 21-30

CHAN Chih Lancelot

Nightstalkers, the story of my life.

Journey Part 05 - The Ball

Al Howe

Of course not so surreal can be strange too, especially as power grows.

Wight Chapter Six

James Fett ' Inwood

My best ever chapter yet! A lot happens in this one: new characters are introduced, more insight into the wights personality and a few more mysteries.

Moon Song

Katie Smoke

This is the start to a story I will probably never complete. It is about Chloe's first transformation into a were-wolf and I just loved writing the discriptions of the moonlight. Enjoy, but don't expect any more of this one.

Music is the Greatest Drug

Lena LeRay

Another World

C. Seidel

~Poem~ Have you ever felt trapped by this world and longed desperately for another? I have...

Beneath the Crimson Moon

Regina Rotshtein

I've always loved any imagery, visual or verbal, involving the moon, and a red moon, in particular. Then I was finally truly inspired by it. This story went from initial idea to written product within 25 hours, a personal record.

Flight of the Eagle - Chapter Two 'True Sight'

Sarah Liu

Like I mentioned in bio, this has been my big project lately. I only work on this when I'm inspired or have a sudden epiphany, which isn't too often =D. So, as you can imagine, this will probably take a long time to finish. Also, I read this over all the time, and I usually change a bunch of things in all the chapters, so it is by no means finished. If you have ANY suggestions at all, even a simple 'this sucks' (if you have a reason for it,) please, please, please tell me. Chapter Two brings Firian back home, shows Aralyn's dislike of magic, and her talent with it, the prophecy, and Zam's and Aralyn's dislike of each other.

Dragon Music

Navah Rosensweig

This story is a group effort. It was written for, and inspired by a picture in Lisa (Jae) Andresen's Gallery called The Summons . All the while I was writing it, I was listening to an excellent Celtic CD by the Israeli Irish band Evergreen, called Riding Towards Life - track 6, to be specific ;). And this story would never have gotten up here if Vanessa Cox hadn't given me a big help with the html. So - it took a bunch of us, but here it is ;) Check out the pic, and let me know what you think.

Dragon Relics Chap 3-1

Jamie Provencher

Two girls set out on an adventure to escape imprisonment only to find more then what they bargained for.....

Dragon Relics Chap 3-2

Jamie Provencher

Two girls set out on an adventure to escape imprisonment only to find more then what they bargained for.....