Emily Schurter

(very short) two girls find out how strange neighbors can be

An Unexpected Reward

Chelsa Dagley

A man who spent his entire life seeking a treasure, receives instead something completely unexpected.

Mystery Woman

Chelsa Dagley

kind of an odd short story...

Old Wounds of War

Dante Massey

This is a restart to the story I published earlier here. Its a tad bit darker in theme, but you will see some of the characters I introduced in the 'Untold Tale' make a return. I hope u like it. I think it needs some refining so criticism is definitely welcome. Enjoy!

Corspe Carnival

Sam Miller

A descendant of the vampire hunter Abraham Van Helsing fights through legions of the dead.

NightFire ~Prologue

Alyssa Green

Cal Jacobs has been a vampire for nearly two centuries. Traveling abroad in Europe, he decides on a whim to visit the remnants of his old town. To his surprise, much of it still remains as it once was... Buried beneath the roots of an old, yet familiar oak tree, Cal unearths a box he buried years ago. Within it lies his journal. Somehow it has survived time to tell the story he has tried so hard to forget. Disturbed and moved by his own words, Cal writes down the events, accompanied by excerpts from the journal, that led to his immortality. FootNote: Sorry this prologue is so short guys. I'll try to get the first chapter up soon!

Of Books, Imps and Otters

Sarah Cuypers

Aullène, the only human detective in Faery business, gets a new employee. This is more of a fragment than a full story, but it can stand well on its own. Possibly I can expand it to a full story in the future, but it'll have to be done right.


David Daumit

This is a very short, very dark tale about the things we are capabale of doing, things that even the people closest to us cannot believe.

Structures of Mind and Body. Chapter V.

Edmund Schulfer

It is the time of the gathering for many Wizards in Estar. Among them are the three friends, all focused on their craft to the point where ritual is of little concern.

Structures of Mind and Body Chapter VII

Edmund Schulfer

Magus talks about himself, at least what he percieves to be himself.

A Deep South Tale

Glendora Bowling

A rash of deaths in a small southern community draws the attention of a reporter who stumbles upon the one man who knows the whole truth.

Palace Macabre Ch.4

H. Coyne

We tour the strange house and meet Lucrece: 'She was regal, beautiful and severe, like the blade of an artisan's sword'.

Palace Macabre Ch.3

H. Coyne

Anya meets the most advanced and mysterious member of the Doctor's household: Vivaldi.

Palace Macabre Ch. 2

H. Coyne

Anya arrives at the island and the wondrously strange house and glimpses a few of its mysterious inhabitants.


Eluna Ardito

Strange things seemed to happen in town. Beautiful young boys disappearing and winds having their own minds. Devious minds. And how about that long forgotten memory, that suddenly appeared again? Was it real or a trick of the mind?

Almost Forgotten

Briana Morris

A revised version of Silly's story

The captive, Part 2

Tomas Lindahl

This is the second part of my short-story featuring the mysterious character Cort. (NOTE: edited to exclude wierd formatting issues)

In the Black of Night

Brent Davidson

The smuggler Herak D'Armor is betrayed.. this is the first of a multiple section story

To Be Alone

Catherine Looser

I really don't know where I got the idea for this, but it turned out better than I thought it would.

The Death of Acan - 1

Matthew Donovan

This is chapter one. A young traveller wonders into a massive city. There he will find what he has been looking for, and there he will make his destiny true.