Kindness in the Heart of a Mountain

Mary Chmielewski aka Maribel Zytka

This is the first part of a story that was written in response to another that I read. In short I did not like the way it ended and wanted a happy ending, very unusual for me really. So I wrote this story, which does have a happy ending I just haven't written it yet. :)


Dawn Jansen

This is a possible prologue to my book. I am still not completely satisfied with it and I am open to suggestions. I'm one little insecure writer. Thanks for your feedback


Elissa 'Callisto' Bourland

Prince of Night

Elissa 'Callisto' Bourland


Elissa 'Callisto' Bourland

Opposites Attract

Elissa 'Callisto' Bourland


Elissa 'Callisto' Bourland

That's Me The Watcher

Elissa 'Callisto' Bourland

Mystic Fog

N. Russo

A poem about an enchanted fog.


J. 'Vi' Jacobs

Wrote this awhile ago. I was experimenting with free verse at the time.


J. 'Vi' Jacobs

I suppose I felt apocalyptic one day.

09 A tribute

J.N. Betteray

For all you writers out there.

The Birth (part one of 'The Series')

Lloyd 'God' Johnson

The very beginning of 'The Series', a set of tales leading to the overall current life of one 'Jaskar.'

Chosen 7b

Andrew Casey

Second half of chapter 7

The Savage Messiah

Amy Downum

Or 'In the Name of God'. I cant decide between the two titles. This is the story behind one of my roleplay characters, the struggles he's faced that made him such a worthy adversary today. See if you can guess what 'fantasies' he sufferes from...

Moonlit Exchange

Sarah Crouch

A conversation between a half-Elf and her half-human lover. His speech is on the right and starts the poem, hers is on the left.

Eternal Blue

Laura Chase my depiction of the mysterious ocean.

Millennium Moon (story)

Rowen Poole

This is the short story that inspired the lyrics/music (performed by Persephone's Dream) by the same name and also the Persephone's Dream artwork by Elfwood artist Audre.

Mindful Mindlessness

Amanda McCallister

Even the most mindful of people can lose it at times...

Gardeinia- Chapter 2

Natalie Rousseau

Chapter two.