Dragon Rising

A. Ulinski

On a jewel of an island warded by a single, magnificent dragon, Aldara knew exactly who she was and what she was to become. But blood - both hers and the Warden's - has the power to change lives, loves, and celestial bodies.

The Coming of the Forest King (poem)

Melia Arney

I wrotes this several years ago and I've always been rather attached to it. It makes me want to go dance in a fairy ring.

Luminaron's Blessing: Prologue - The Request

Nicholas 'Rohar' Gibbons

The Story of Two Ionaequines, Ilithrion & Ilhilindrian - featuring the beginnings of their quest for a child of their own.

Dark Aphrodite

Victoria Weaver

Aphrodite has to defeat the undead, but to do that she has to overcome her past. Can she do it alone?

The Bird of Autumn

Micheal Yang

The fiery glow of the fallen leaves; A bird that watches from the trees . . .


Deborah Jones

A poem to go with a storm bird I dreamed up. My husband did one too, which I'm going to put actually with the picture.

A Brief History of Altomia

Skyler Crouse

In the beginning there was the Canvas, and it was blank... This is the mythological background to my fantasy humour series 'Tales of Altomia'. Find out about the Paintbrush of Pictor Caelestis, how the eleven races came into being, and how two drunk Elves started a ten thousand year war... Update: Some punctuation errors have been cleaned up, as well as some story issues I thought needed fixing. Big hand to Shanra for her awesome advice!

Song of the Leari

J. Meyers

The first people to the mountains of the Northern Continent were the 'Leari:' mythical winged creatures. The Learliana (Morinan) people claim their descendence from them, and this is a very old song that was written long ago in their honor ^_^


Ari Bethel Bell

This one was written for my ex b/f, it's kinda mythical

Shards of Shadows

Tiffany Bostelman

This is a story about a family who gets thrown into the eternal conflict of Yirik. The story is full of conflict, intrigue, and romance as the family is pulled into the world outside their little island. The prolouge introduces us to a character who seems to be deep in thought and quite distressed.

High Priestess' Apprentice

Samantha Draut

Kyran was just another orphan...an orphan with amazing psychic powers! The High Priestess Adyrel believes her to be the savior of their country. One problem, Kyran's only eight...

MoTS: Prolouge

Laura Weber

In an ancient land where magic is commonface, two indebted brothers, a nobleman's son, a talentless priestess, and a mysterious shaman are bound together by a desire to change the past -- and, in that, a journey that defines fate and the strange origins of their world as they know it. And it's not all going to be done in a run-on sentence, really. *grins* In full, these stories are, for the time being, entitled 'Moss On Temple Stone.' Don't know quite what this is going to be... it may be sort of novella-ish, serial-ish, or simply a bunch of short stories that are linked together by characters and events... Nevertheless, this is the short introduction, prolouge-thingie...

Kissing Unicorns

Christina Lovse

Story/poem about the love story between an outcast unicorn and a human man.

When Every Single Person Sleeps...

Victoria Ashton

Poem - written 2004 just something i was thinking about when i couldn't sleep...

Hidden Sounds Chapter 1

Valerie Cook

The 10 teens get told who they are. Helen doesn't really take things all that well when the insane lil' old monk guy tells her this.

Children of The Sun

David Prieto

This is the intro or prologue for a story inspired by The Legend of The Five Rings. For those who don't know LOTFR gives a little twist to ancient japan and its mythology. Enjoy and as always, coment.

Forever Mythic: Chapter 3

Alexa Hendrickson

Somethings just give me the heebie-jeebies...

Tribes of Arcadia * part one *

Candace Bell

This is a on going saga of a character named Sarah who winds up finding herself suddenly immersed in a fantasy world full of new and wonderful creatures. Many adventures await her through her journeys, as well as interesting characters, good and bad as well as complex rivalries. This story was inspired by my many paintings and love and imagination for fantasy and all sorts of mythical creatures. 'the image in my story is something I drew of my main character Falic as a divider'

Smoke and Darkness

N. Russo

I little poem I wrote. Hope you like it, and if you'd like guess what it is describing. The first person to guess it right WINS!!!

Wake to Dreams - short story

Anna Smith

A tale of the beforetimes of minotaurs from the universe I created, that my character hails from. Knowledge of their origins is not common for outsiders, and even within their own race, much is forgotten. Much is remembered too, though, and has shaped who they are and what they've become since. A bit of a departure from my usual style. But it's -finished-. Now for the editing. This is a rough draft, folks. Let me know what's wrong so I can fix it.