The Tale of Years - II. The First Elf-Lord

Christopher Manica

Tolkien meets the Book of Genesis.

How an elf got his name

Harry Bett

Short story about how an elf found the name for his son.

Dream Escape

Sarah Wilson

This is the first chapter, theres no name to each chapter ...sorry -Mouse

A Dragon's Journey ch 5 & 6

Bridget Duncan

I put capters five and six togther because the chapters are short. and if you are waiting for a name, be patient.

In the Name of the Father

Michael Tresca

The novel that couldn't get an agent and couldn't get published even when I placed it in the hands of a publisher! Follow Grey and Ziekiel as they battle for independence in a world where there is no such thing as religious freedom of choice. Lots of Kabbalah, violence, and a dhampir!


April ]-[3L' Jones

How I got the idea for the name, I really dont know. But its about the life of a test subject. A dream one night. Strang one at that. rated so far pg. nothing serious.. until the next chapter. i'm still working on it though.

'A Random Story That Made....No Sense!'

Jessica Ballew

This is boredom in its purest form. It is what happens to someone who has no life. Its the result of the desire to write and no forethought on what to write about. And I actually LIKE it.



Set right after Ian joins the crew of Xanthippe's cargo liner, this story tells how Xanthippe got her interesting name. Try looking up the name Xanthippe or Xantippe on Google for more insight.


Yvonne Schram

After her brothers death, Firemoth set out to find her soul name. It's a bit off, I don't know why I never spent more then a few minutes on it. *shrugs* I like it though.


Laura Peregrin

This is the beginning of a story, and is therefore still a work in progress, which may grow in the telling... update: it certainly is growing, and seems to have become the beginning for something much bigger - I'll post the next bits as soon as they're ready.


Sara Dungavell

How Aquarious named her father-in-law, of course you don't know who Aquarius is, since no one would read the other chapters I had up, I'm slightly bitter


Marie de Bellefeuille

A name tells a lot, even more when it is cursed... She goes after her Prince, but to find him, she must cross the plains of Hell. And there, she will only find despair... Inspired by Philip Pullman's 'His Dark Materials', where the children have to cross through Hell.

Only a Name

Jamie Brewer

Ok, this one is a coupple years old, and the only furry peice that you're likely to see up here...I was lucky enough to get this published in a literary journal of stuff from students around the area, and since only a few got selected out of at least a few hundred, I'd say that was a nice acomplishment ^.^

The Morning

Danielle DeCesaro

Just a small chapter of a story I was thinking about working on... may be replaced later by something MUCH better! Please critique with positives, negatives, anything really...


Julia Rill

In the worlds of old, especially in the worlds where royalty rules with sword and iron fist, but listening to the warnings of the piests and following their laws, the illegitimate cildren of those royals are mostly not met with friendly feelings.

The Name on the Tower: part 2


Conclusion. Elina is forced to tell Madam Mem the truth about what she was doing in the forest.

A Draogn's Journey ch 7

Bridget Duncan

This is the second to last chapter, endure and read the whloe story, please!

Wait and See, Wait and Bleed

Brittney Scott

This poem can be related to anything, religion, relationships, and things like that. I wrote it because it is what I feel inside. I don't really know why though..but I like it.

Angel's Sorrow-Chapter 1

Simona Chivu

This is one of my first stories, it's about the temptation of an angel, her last thoughts and her revival. Please, PLEASE comment.

What's in a Name? -II-

Christina Nichols

The second chapter is very short.