Holding a Bird

Kristin Molle

It's a bit narration, and a bit poetry. Inspired by two things: a picture of a king's court out hunting with falcons by a castle, and rescuing a little nuthatch which had been stunned by a stray paintball and was in the middle of the field. It had been too out of it to resist being picked up, but as it came-to it started flipping it's wings around and trying to escape before we'd reached safety.

Fragment from Burned Text

Aubra Penner

The first verse of this just poofed itself into my head one day at two in the morning, and I had to make it some friends. I'm considering continuing with more fragments from the burned library. Can't decide whether to do so or not. The stranger was the victim of a werewolf attack, just so you know.

Chapter One: A New Dawn Rises

The beginning. Everything must have a beginning. Especially if it is to end. Thus we start with Eyris Gildon and all the dreams, woes, and thoughts that drive him to leave home and join the National Army. Voluntarily? In pending conflict with the country of the East? Yes and yes. And just what's this about the promise of dragons on the shore? Perhaps his new aquaintances can provide some answers...Welcome to New Athens and beyond--it's about to get bumpy from here on out. For updates on publication and distribution, please visit: http://balladofthemoon.blogspot.com/ UPDATE: ~This book is now up for sale in its entirety at https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/126941 All comments are welcome...  Especially the good kind.  :) ~Happy Reading! Latest revision: 12/12/11  

A Perct Fit 00

Jeremy Whiteoak

A small introductory piece that leads into the real meat.

Not Your Average Damsel in Distress-1

Esmeralda Eli

Lady Ella is in deep trouble and no decent knight she comes across is willing to help her. She's just gonna have to count on her wit to get herself out of this mess.

The Tale of Eldreth

Gabrielle Bartholomew

Well...this is really just a teaser.. more or less to see what people think of the first paragraphs or so of a possible new chapter or prologue beginning for my novel. All opinions and comments welcome, as always.

There And Back Again: 1

Jessie Hoesing

The beginning of a narrative by a young Elf named Falchion. He is telling his life story. He isn't sure how to start the tale so it's rough.

Surrea, Goddess of Death

Katie Erskine

A poem. A narritive poem. It took a while to write... and sadly... yet again for my Creative Writing class <.<

Piper of the Moonlight

Meaghan Jendrysik

This is yet another one of my dreams in story form.

Walking on words by I write things now - constructive critisism wanted please

James Roquefort Beardhart

Walk on my words and into my mind, follow my words and you may reverse construct my words into brainwaves you can read with your mind. I assure you you will become more powerful than you could possibly imagine. Pls critique

Miette's Story

Elizabeth Cordes

Hmm.. My friends and I started a new RPG and so, obviously, we made new characters for it. We're all vampires and so we all wrote personal narratives of how our characters became vampires. And here's mine.

The Original Alice

Booj PillowGoblin

I wrote this for my english coursework and really liked it. Again, it was an idea that worked. sorry about the major depressingness.

There And Back Again: 2

Jessie Hoesing

A continuing part of where Falchion left off. 2nd part of the Narrative by the young elf Falchion. He is telling the tale of his life. He explains his 'family' situation and of his unknown 'sister' Lydia.

Dreams (Non-Fiction Narrative)

Magdalena Dreyer

Before you judge me too harshly off this, stop and think a moment... A translation to narrative of a series of dreams and visions I've been having for a long time.

Dear Friend,

Suzanne Lee

I wrote this as an introduction to an interactive RPG I created this summer. Hopefully you'll like it so much you'd want to play to!

Evil ~an essay~

Krystal Chunaco

This is a descriptive paper we were asked to write for my Literature class entitled 'Evil Incarnate'. The aim of the assignment was to try and personify the greatest evil. This was my take, written late at night. At the time I didn't think it was that great, but my teacher thought otherwise. :) I might not leave this piece up long - depending on how it is recieved.

Harley's Narrative: Leaving Home

Jessica Baggia

This is another character in the fantasy land of my first two, Arianna and Squire. I have more stories about Harley but this one seemed like a good introduction to her. My writing style in this piece is more raw than I normally write, but there was something about it that I liked.

Discontent Travels

Matthew Woodyard

I basicaly was reading 'The Catcher in the Rye' by J.D Salinger, and thought I should try writting something from entirely a narrative point of view. This is what resulted. We have ourselves four basic characters in this part of the tale, the classic party of a D&D campaign, Minus the cleric. Of course, as you would guess, there is a large twist to the entire theme, and the characters are being developed from entirely one point of view. There is more here than most would find just by reading it once over. If you pay close attention, you can pretty much get an idea for just how the main character acts and thinks , not just about others, but about himself. There is quite a bit here if I do say so myself. There definately will be more in the future.

Tale of the Philosophic One

Jenny Fuchs

This is the next part to the other 3 that I have published here. I must apologize for the slow event development.