The Angel's Savior

Micah English

#13, second set. C'mon now, show of hands. Who actually believed Nazgrim was gone forever? No one? That's what I thought. Much more of the fate that awaits is addressed, the true power of the Hand of Vanus is attained, and Naz makes his big return. Much righteous wrath is meted out.

The Outcasts

Micah English

Story #6 of the new Nazgrim set. Tana starts showing her childish side a bit more, now that she's comfortable. Everyone continues being themselves, although Naz is acting a bit funny... Oh, and the first emissary from the Council of the Enlightened, one particularly angry Vala, makes a flashy entrance. Let's get ready magic-rumble!

The Darkness Incarnate

Micah English

Nazgrim #7. The oath taken by Nazgrim, as well as the price he continues to pay for making it, weighs heavily upon our him. Driven to the edge of madness, he confronts the Green Cloak Brigade, who have come to end his suffering, at any cost.

Green Cloak Brigade

Micah English

Nazgrim story #4. Nazgrim stumbles across party of cliche heroes in the woods. Hits on the women, tries to murder the men. Possibly the most humorous Nazgrim story I'll ever write, and yet still a little tainted with anger, guilt, and sadness, as necessary.


Synthia Walker

well, Linyxda also had a queen at one point... and now she is dead, but hey, this is really about Kyeete and Thia... kinda like a prologue

Wonderland Is Burning

Aaron Fredericks

This poem is a poet's way of asking his reader to keep and open mind and not flee from the tale just because you don't like the twists and turns it might take. Written January 28, 1998.

the soul necromancer

bocaj notak

This is a story about one of three necromancer brothers.

The Necromancer

Guillermo García

This story I wrote (the beggining at least) at my Language Art's class at school; after a thousand re-writings I ended up with this. I am not fully satisfied with the ending, it could be better but.... anyways, the names are inspired in my two crazy friends (both girls mind you) Yunuen (Yaweil..) and Frieda (Ferelil). It has ilustrations but... well I still haven't been able to put them (I dont know how). Jejeje

The Catacombs (Excerpt)

Joshua Bacon

This is only a part of a much larger story. A chance for you to become familiar with the denizens of my imagination. I have a fickle muse, so Beginning-middle-end-happily ever after, is hard for me. I welcome constructive criticism. I've been told I use too many commas, (I'll work on that!) I've been told That's pretty cool, (Why!? What did I do right!? are you patronizing me!? AAAARRRRGGGGHHH!) Sorry ^_^

Tintauri's Squire (Part III)

A.R. George

One by one, places and ways to hide are running out for Tal, and the only choices left are hardly choices at all ...

Truestar's Fire - Shadow of Death : Chapter 1 - The Feast

Ryan Stringer

'The room’s design was a work of dark genius, put together by a man who had spent many long years studying the subtle arts of persuasion, manipulation and coercion. The great hall had been the culmination of all Vasper’s art and skill and served its intended purpose ruthlessly and efficiently.'

Truestar's Fire - Shadow of Death : Chapter 2 - Long Live the Thane!

Ryan Stringer

' “What was it you said before? That I should bow to my master? It is long since time that you were educated about the true gravity of the position you now find yourself in.” Vasper said, half whispering and half hissing in Bey’s ear. “I will show you who the real master is.” '

The Eyes of Gold (poem)

Kate Anderson

This one is kinda difficult to describe... But well, let's say it is like some immortal creature looking for a woman long since dead. The rythm was sometimes sacrificed to the rhyme, I belive - but, alas! it's never been an easy trade.

Wulfled Part 2 of 4

Jarrett Brown

After an encountering a creature unkown to him he sets of downhearted by the inability for him to attain aid by such a powerful creature. This disappointment is compounded with a fatal encounter.


G. 'Kat' Bird

This is the beginning of a story of one of my characters in RPG.

Shadow-Dancing, Part 2: Sold

Rachel Armstrong

Finally finished it! ^_^ It's pretty short, but part 3 is really long, so I didn't want to add anything else to it. As a little prior warning, this is your last time for a long stretch reading about Rowan in a flashback-free zone.

Tale of a dead Necromancer

Frank Berendsen

Damien is a young lad who is studying the arts of magic. However, he has no real talent, untill he meets Charna.

Black Magic

Frank Berendsen

The wise girl Mephala, who already lives for thousands of years, is asked to do a spy mission for the prince at a guild of Black Mages. It's rumoured that they do terrible things to people...

Evil on the Horizon

Matt Cole

The third installment in my apparently well-liked Gareth series. Read on, as the plot thickens... (scary music cue) :)

Empires Awakening: Prelude + Chapters 1, 5, and 7

Matthew Welch

This is a short excerpt of my first book. It is the initial chapter for the three main storylines of the tale, and follows their paths as they begin to set out on the adventure locked inside the pages of a story. I have completed the full text, all 22 chapters, and I am seeking to get this published.The story itself is a slight shift from the typical fantasy fare, as events are taking place in the relatively young planet, in just its second age. This is the time of great adventures and powers that set the stage for the legends and mythos of the ages that will come behind it. I do intend to write for this place all the way through the end of the planet so look forward to seeing this world grow and the pains it will endure on that path.