Chapter 5 - Deljin

Debra Turpin

Deljin meets her long-dead Grandfather (E'Dah). Her world opens up as she discovers new dimensions. I really love the character of E'Dah, he's great fun to write.


Katrina Constantine

Have you ever had a friend in need, a friend that you had to help, but you didn't want to get involved? And even when you go to help them you know that they will grow older only to make the same mistakes their parents made? .Everybody has heard at some point in their life they will turn into their parents. To some people this is not a bad thing. To others the idea is terrifing.

Snow Camp

Sarah Hackney

Well, after a well placed comment about my descriptions, I guess i'd better explain some of this. A coupla summers ago, I had a job working at Snow Camp Outdoor Theatre. After it was over, I was devastated. (BTW-im going to be an This is the result. I was writing a play about it, and this was the opening monolouge.

Love's Bite

Ailyssa Phoenix

Two lovers share the ultimate intimacy.

A Need to Belong Part One

Laura Evans

Another one of my stories in the never-ending saga known as Jayde's life. This part contains the first four chapters of my fic A Need to Belong

Dragon Rain

Liz West

They decieved their masters and now want to control the world they created. Only 2 unlikely friend can stop them (The 'might be' ending of my book)

A dragon's death I've died before,

Brian Hong

Still, still, I hunger for more.

Go Beyond

Ari Bethel Bell

Sorta, kinda about life and being held down, I wrote this last year, while in foster care...yes, a poem...

By Daemons be Driven

richard laws

A story I wrote a little under a year ago and then forgot about. It does need some tidying up, but it is a little bit of fun.  An unusual love triangle forms in the ruins of an ancient temple.

I Stand to Face the Sun

Harmonie Perry

This is sheer determination.... Read it slowly....


Meghan (Apocalypse)

A fairy girl of all elements, fire, water, air, earth, and spirit, senses a great distubance in the air. All others will not listen or believe her. In her anger, she leaves to find a great rogue fairy who knows the secrets of shapeshifting. She learns them, and seeks to save her only home from total destruction, while keeping out the prying hands of a fairy hunter...

Whenever you need me

Tyrel Taylor

Just a short yarn I did based on a poem (included). Please read it and tell me what you think!

Search for Seralida Chapter 1 continued...

Katelyn Crabb

Yeah... I actually pretty much love this part of the chapter. Mostly because it really introduces you to the point of the story.... to find the Princess... heance the title. It also brings the sense of mystery into the story... because you wanna know who it is before I tell you.... so for the rest of the story... I get to toss you around with ideas of who it might be... hahaha... ok.. read on..

Poem for Samil

Michael Hobbs (Mife/Fifelon)

You asked for it so here it is. :) Hope you like it. If not I am sorry. I hope everyone likes it.


Kennedy Allen

Um. It's the vampiric equivalent of 'he eats a hamburger.'

I do (poem)


A poem written for someone from once upon a time...

The Final Battle of the Killer Kayode

Cornell Johnson

Trapped in the Night

Mary-Melissa Wilzewski

This is a sestina, a highly structurized poem style where the last words of each line in a stanza are repeated in an ever-changing order (If a word is in the first line in the first stanza, it cannot be in the first line for any other stanza except the last, etc...). Typically, sestinas are considered exercises, but this one has turned out remarkably well, and I don't think it would have been the same in any other format. I really like the effect, but I'm NOT going to be doing another sestina anytime soon, I spent over an hour getting the lines in order for this one... Oh, ya, it's technically inspired by the show CyberSix, but it can be enjoyed on a different level seperate from the show, so I'm putting it up.