And There They Shall Remain

Stuart Ferguson

A nephilim who survived Noah's flood thinks about the events of the Old Testament as he crosses a bridge


Sam Wood

A random fight scene from one of my many, many unfinished novels. In this, Raven has just been told by Lazarus, a vampire, that she is the daughter of an archangel, named in a prophecy. Upon leaving the sanctury of an age-old church, they are confronted by Ariel, Raven's old friend, who is also descended from an angel. Unfortunately, Raven and Ariel's fathers have been on the brink of war for centuries, and now Ariel's daddy wants Raven dead...

Covenant Waters - Chapter 1

Rachel Lamine

Deshereh is awakened by a small quake to find a stranger trapped under rubble that fell from her roof. Who is this stranger? And why does the Nephil Arthek take some much interest in her? *Wow, a mod's choice. I really wasn't expecting that. Thanks so much for picking my work and for giving me the pretty yellow star! I almost cried when I saw it. =3

Covenant Waters - Chapter 2 (revised)

Rachel Lamine

Deshereh learns the identity of the wounded man.

Son of the Nephilim: Prologue

Kelsie Elizabeth

An idea I was toying with for a while...This is a little old, but I thought I'd post it here and see if the concept was worth pursuing. Comments would be appreciated! July 2004 2 pgs

Twenty Questions with an Angel (2003)

Sarah Bellian

After watching Interview with a vampire, an idea struck me for a story about fallen angels. I've always had a certain fascination with Judeo/Christian mythos. I am aware that Seraphiel is not technically a 'bad' angel, supposively a good one, but I like the name. The character I'm working on is supposed to be kind of Lucifer-esque but leave you with some 'Sympathy for the Devil' - pardon the bad pun. This is still draft one, I will try to have an update by the end of next month.

The Nephilim-Part 5

Azerrah tells Zirel and Ahmorn the story of Ezroan's Son and how He died for them.

The Nephilim-Part 2

Part Two of the The Nephilim series. Here goes nothing.

The Nephilim-Part 3

Part 3 of the series. Hope you guys like it. Still working hard here, so any critism is greatly appreciated!

The Nephilim-Part 1

This is my first story. I really don't know how many parts are going to be in on it, but we'll see what happens.

the Advocate

Booj PillowGoblin

Uh... Okies, I guess this is kind of cliched. But thats okay. I still like it, even though I wrote it quite a while back. Um.. yes.. you know I love angels and all that kind of surrounds them. I'm also a relgion finatic, but from the perspective of someone who is outside of religion generally. It just intrigues me. Anyhoodles. Please enjoy. And FEEDBACK! it makes me happy ^_^

Five Days from Raven Cliff

Krista Moss

This is a story with a feel I've never played much with. It deals with a woman Nephilim (child of an angel and woman), that is fighting with her angelic nature. Her problem extends a bit deeper than just that struggle as her personality has sort of splintered itself due to a hell of a lot of circumstances and trauma coming all at once. You'll see what I mean. But this is my first attempt at this genre, and is actually a contest piece that I am submitting for a writing contest being held by a writing group that I have joined. Wish me luck. P.S. I LIIIIIIIVVVVVVEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Twenty Questions With an Angel 2 (2003)

Sarah Bellian

A variation from a different perspective of my Tolstoy/Apocrypha inspired fallen angel story.

Archangel Azrael

Sam Wood

A plotless piece of description, of the Archangel Azrael.


Jason Allard

This is the rough draft of the last showdown between former friends in one of my stories. Jack is my oldest and most oft used characters. He has some serious angst.

Covenant Waters - Chapter 3

Rachel Lamine

Deshereh has to give the evening token at the Temple of Milkanah, runs into Arthek and, in despair, enters the temple to seek solice.

The Nephilim-Part 4

Part 4. Hope you guys like it.