Never Lost

Meg Young

Just a short story I wrote to go with one of my pictures...

Never wanted this

Laura Janssen

Well, this is the poem I made by my drawing Neven wanted this. Not that special.

The Flower 5 (I See)

Brandon Lee

We can never tell what another thinks unless we can read minds

Two Souls Collide Chapter 2

Jessica Johnson

This is my second chapter yay! Mera has been sent to ettiquette school by her mom and does not get to she Kiyhon for seven years. A new character is here and Kiyhon has powers woot! (pictures will come as soon, I don't have a scanner ;_; so i'll have to get my friend to help with that).


Stacy Goll

A poem of personal ambitions and nature.

The Flower 12 (A Final View)

Brandon Lee

Sometimes we never truely understand things till much much later

Dad & Mom

Rianna Wong

A Dysfunctional Family,A Broken Home,Parents That Doesnt Love Each Other Anymore,Parents That Left Their Son. What more could Dimitri Mikaelson Carter take? Why is he even on a mission to get his family back together? Love & Life motivated him too.

The Fairytale

Matti Spets

A tale of the 'birth' of a concious sword called The Fairytale. This could be an introduction to a saga, but I'm not making any promises.

Anybody's in the Corner

Jenna Brager

For this poem, I used some basic ideas from Lewis Carroll, such as the white rabbit, and used them in an original poem

Never Alone

K. Beal

Actually, this story is a music video for the song 'Never Alone' by Barlow Girl in short story form. Ara came up with it, I just wrote it out.

Never As Lonely

Monica Stich

This is based off of a statement a another Elfwood writer, Anne Wiltgen, said to me, 'I'm never as lonely as it seems.' I apologize if it is not the exact wording, but it was great inspiration for this poem.


Jessica Ng

A poem written by HalfFace. *walks off wondering if anyone remembers who HalfFace is* *comes back* Um... this is kind of an aftermath of a long story.

Never Touch

Victoriana Ravenscraft

I wrote this in about half an hour. I couldn't believe how quick the inspiration hit me!

~poem~ Blinded by the self

Deborah Soukup

Sestina of Silence

Tina Olsson

This poem is inspired by the episode 'Calliope' in the Sandman series (which are brilliant and written by Neil Gaiman), where the Dream King gives Richard Madoc ideas in abundance. Madoc rants: 'A sestina of silence using the keywords dark, ragged, fire, screaming, kiss, never.' A sestina is a kind of highly structured verse, which is rather difficult to write. I gave it a try, and although I must confess that strictly speaking it isn't a sestina, I am pleased with how the poem turned out. (April 2008)

Phoenix's Curse

Shaun Ingamells

This is the poem of the pain and grief a phoenix has to go through in an eternity, as it shall never die reliving each emotion.