The tunnel

David De Beéck

Terrified by death the mind wanders to another place. A peacefull place with memories from the past. But if the fear is to strong the memories become nightmares....


Emily Morgan

Part one of my 'Earth, Sea, and Air Trilogy'. It tells about how I came to realize that something was wrong in my 'perfect' world of life. (laughs at naive self) I noticed changes that I wasn't ready for, and people changing that I didn't want to let go of. There's a lot of influence from some of my video games, along with some of my favorite books, so bear with me. I haven't worked on it in a LONG time, so help would be great.

Shadow Striker: Chaper 3-4

Divina Fuentes

Ladies, gentlemen, and Bunto, I present: My magnum opus. The story of Skye, the trigon that wasn't and the blade of light called the Shadow striker, and their journey to triumph over darkness. Inspired by me playing too much Kingdom Hearts and Ico. Read, enjoy, criticize. ***I dedicate this story to Selene and Angelica Jr. (my sisters), who will probably never come to this page because Selene is only interested in playing games when she uses the internet, and Jr. is only 7. But they were the first ones to hear the whole story.***

Mistaken Nightmare

Carmel Shachar

Well, at least your nightmares were your own...

Sleeping At Midnight

John Rivenworth' Yoakum

A boy deals with his fears of the dark.


Haley Blum

This story also had its origins in my art. I stopped drawing it because it took too long, but it's a shame to leave it when I like the characters so much so I decided to write it instead.

The Gypsy Rashyda (Pro.)

Jessie Hoesing

The first piece of the story(name's at top and at the bottom). Might be puzzling but that's because it's supposed to be. It'll make sense later as I start to write more (if I do, comments will really say whether I'll write more or not...) Anyways, hope you like it, I know the story idea I got for the rest of it is interesting but I wanna know if people will actually wanna read it... just a Prologue.



I wrote this one just before heading to bed one night. If it sounds a bit like Edgar Allan Poe, I was in fact reading 'The Raven' prior to writing this. Do not get the wrong impression of me from this poem, though: I love the night!

Tomb of the Past

Michel Rousseau

A state that happened in a nightmare I had.. I hope I do render this feeling well here

51 - Elimination In Inrar - Part 1

Rachel Pears

Part one, of a three part story. Zith has torrid dreams of her birthplace. She is woken by a strange howling and decides to investigate. She meets with Syra and agrees to take on a daring assassination. Note from the writer - please go easy on my punctuation I know it's not perfect. All comments welcome - I will endeavour to reply. Please note that this story was originally posted in its' entirety. However, I have now broken it down into three parts to make it easier to read.


Ruth Petroff

i was very much awake when i wrote this in the middle of the night. i'm not sure where the idea came from, except that lately i have been wondering what human reactions are to extreme events. i hope to do several short pieces to illustrate my ideas.

The Angel in My Nightmare

Nicolei Arnold

This is a story about a night race. These demons are chasing this girl and she is finding herself losing hope in life.

in reflection

Oliver Haines

and elven boy sits upon a hill thinking about the decay of society... its a fairly dark poem about the troubles in the world. its not the best poem but hopefully it's also not the worst! ( i was listening to AFI... that might explain something)

A Daemons Dream

rebecca Gribble

Kind of like a nightmare. I just had this thought that even Daemons must have nightmares. A bit random i know. All CC's welcome!

The Scream

Shuo Chen

An inhuman, supernatural scream that you can't block out.

Fate of Dragons: Chapter Three: The Comings of Night

Tina Huynh

Nightmares haunt the young messenger from Doven, the apprentices of the Tower fight amoungst themselves, and the fenrir's dark past. Third addition to my story~ Hope you enjoy it =x

The Nightmare Part 2

mandy good

Laura doesn't like Executioners.  They are honorless, corrupted assassins who kill for no reason and rule her world with a very ancient sword.  Few recruits become one.  She hopes she's not one of those few.

Chapter 1: Nightmare

Stephen Watkins, Jr.

And here we come to the crux of the matter. A few years have passed since the Barbarian Wars ravaged the lands of Tarnara. But a young orphan boy named Tarna--named for the great king who founded the land ages ago--has little thought for those terrible events. He dreams of adventure, but little suspects what destiny has in store for him.

Chapter 4: A Sheath of Ivy and the Footprint in the Road

Stephen Watkins, Jr.

History repeats itself, and those who do not learn from it are doomed to repeat it. Tarna is here reminded about the history of the Barbarian Wars from the years of his infancy, and the roots of the current violence. Then he is introduced to an insidious new weapon, and a frightful nightmare is made reality.

Quiet Sleeper and the Nightmare Keeper

Tiara Gonzales

This poem is part of a group of poems I wrote about the Dream Keeper.