A Terror of Dreams

Elise Cannon

Aluetra's past is catching up with her and the demons of the hells she has run from since the day she took her first breath have found her last place to hide, her mind. Slowly as they ebb within her she can feel the tearing of her soul as the demons threaten to drag her back to her destiny. To her death.



I wrote this one just before heading to bed one night. If it sounds a bit like Edgar Allan Poe, I was in fact reading 'The Raven' prior to writing this. Do not get the wrong impression of me from this poem, though: I love the night!

Chapter 2: Dreams of Shadow and Power

Henrik Lerdahl

Our story continues with this very short and insignificant chapter. I'd read too much Lovecraft when I wrote it. We get glimpses and moods here, but not much substance. S'good anyway.

Strange Companions (Poem)

Mary Bailey

This is an older free form poem I wrote as a gift for a newly discovered soul mate. A little story of a lonely wolf and an unexpected encounter that turns into so much more.


Lain Sakuraba

A Vampyric poem written for elfwood.

Red Lightning Chapter 2

Stanton Fink

So, Rudy is still a weretiger. But, his life continues to get more complicated. What does his stepdad, Jim, want? And just exactly who is Blinky?Picture by Paul C. Diggs

Keeper Of-Dreams


Inspired by an elfwood artist. #1 in a series I wrote randomly and decided I liked.The rest in this series are in my 'other works'.

A Serpent's Lullaby

Harriett Randall

Never be caught dreaming when a demon sings.

Bed Monsters

Lindsay Florence Morrison

I have no idea what provoked this story... but here it is!

The Dreamer (chapter 1 and 2)

Rebecca Munford

Seth is just a normal boy with an overactive imagination, or so everybody keeps telling him. But his dreams are becoming to vivid, to real, real enough to kill him. Get ready to join Seth as he plunges into alternate realities during his sleep, not realising he holds the key to the survival of the omniverse.

While You are Sleeping....

Crystal´-una´ Rodriguez

~sniffles~ Now this one is just so cute. I wrote it for two reasons. 1.) I've had SO many people tell me how much they love Zan and Nathyn moments and 2.) Because i wanted to. :P Anyway, yeah.. this is a short of Zan and Nathyn being... well... all Zan and Nathyn-y. ~giggles~ So that means, as usual. you don't like guys snuggling guys, then just don't read it...


S. Jordan' Zindel

I wrote this poem while listening to a Celtic song also intitled 'Nightmare.'

Twenty Pounds Lighter

Brishen Marlow

Inspired by 'The Monkey's Paw' and health class.

Alone (Poem)

Jennifer Jacques

I wrote this one day when I was feeling particularly scared of the shadows.

Battle of the Brave

Nicolei Arnold

When all hope is lost, who is to claim victory?

Luna Nightstarr's Story

Niki Bear' VanderHeyden

this is only part one and two...I've got to 5 done BUT....I kinda got writers block >.< but it's about this Blood Witch, who has dreams of her past. She goes to find out why...

What Dreams are Made of

Brittany Sparks

Ok, I don't really know how good this is. I have a couple chapters written already, but I am just going to put this one up and see if anyone responds. Tell me what you think!


Emma Cuddy

This is a poem I wrote about nightmares, its not that good, but at least it is some new material. Please leave comments, as I will be lurking nearby................

Tales from the Faerilands - Cormyr's Dream (Part 2)

Suzanne Collins

Cormyr starts on a journey to find the source of his dreams, and finds something far worse than he ever imagined.

Bringer Of Nightmares

Amber Silver

This is a story I wrote for a picture titled, 'The Scarred One' drawn by the wonderfully talented Linda Kristoffersson. Thank-you for asking me to write this for you, Linda. I am sorry it took so long, but it was a pleasure. Moderator's Choice: September 1st/2003