The Wastelands 1: The last fortress

Ace Furio

Carrying on from the prologue, once again comments will be greatly appreciated.

Cat Girl Neko Red Riding Hood

Dean Glencross

The story of little red riding hood thrown into the world of anime. This was done as part experiment, part for the writing course I'm doing. I think it turned out well. Probably needs some more work though. The end seems a little rushed.

Project Seven: Part I

Ashley Muraszewski

A young boy named Hauk must venture to the new government of the capital city, Trine, and bring it down. Evanescence has wronged many people, and Hauk and friends must release the gods and the floating queen from their sleep.

dungeons and dog poo two

Karan Dunco

Umm...The second part of Kales story

Shade Hunter

Jamie Adams

'No, it can't be, it can't have happened. I know it was a dream, some sort of nightmare...bloodstained shirt and a fire in my veins...oh reflection...' WIP.

Key to the City (prologue)

Graeme Smith

This is a series of six character-introducing vignettes that could serve as the prologue for a fantasy novel I'm thinking of writing.  The characters include Slang (a reptile man barbarian), Hurok (an orc healer), Black Flower Melody (a human martial artist), Denvil (an almeer wizard), Zorf (a zeetvah warrior), and Querial the Fair (an elf archer).

Dream Dual

Malis Vitterfolk

The story behind this is that Larinna is promiced to Christian but he had to leave for a while. Larinna and her 'Big Brother' become closer while he is gone but nothing happens between them because Ronin made a blood oath to Christian, however Christian tthinks different when he comes back.


Andrew Euston

This is the tale of a ninja warrior named Takeo. It takes place during the battles that took place in Japan during the 1600's when Oda Nobunaga attempted to crush the Iga and Koga Ninja for their defiance of his total rule.

Dungeons and Dog Poo

Karan Dunco

Kale, a safe and happy but incorrigable guy is walking home when a ninja girl drops into his life and kills his date.

Solid Cocoon - Edge of Enigma Taster

Greg Henderson

This is a taster of the very first story in the series. This one is based upon chinese / japanese culture. I try to relate to different cultures with each story rather then just sticking to the same old thing. This story contains: kidnap, ninjas, samurais, ghosts, monsters (as usual), clans and legendary weapons and armour. It is an emotional journey with lots of characters to like and hate.

Fish Ninja! The Greasy Fried Battle Of Doom ...

Bridgette Chaffey

*imagine cheesy Star Wars-style rolling writing* ... Long, long ago, in a fast food restaurant far away, an evil was brewing in a monsterous deep fryer. Not of this world, and possessing stregth of a very strong man and agility of a corndog, the creature was born of the evil golden oil and ravenged all those around it, until those who survived hid in fear of it... waiting for the famous and chivalrous (if that is indeed a word) hero who is... FISH NINJA!

The Twilight: Selesandra

Justine T. Phillips

Wahhh... my titles suck. Oh wellsy, the story of a young female ninja. There is a great incident, and her faith in her goddess is broken. By law, and the code of the ninja, she must take revenge, whoever it may be. But along the way, she meets someone who will either bring about her destruction, or help her save whom she set out to destroy in the first place. A little romance, nice group humor, drama, and (hopefully), a story straight from the scroll of legends.

Fountain of Youth

Faraz Hussain

A tale about a boy with special abilities who finds the fountain of youth and drinks from it. Rated PG.

The Serpent Six: Armada of Doom

Scott Schmidt

An Excerpt from The Serpent Six: Armada of Doom - The Serpent Six are dispatched to sabotage the evil Captain Senha's Armada, but encounter an unlikely foe...

Kiyo. Chapter One

Tommy Bort

Sword and sorcery in the Oriental settings

Ninja Lolita

Valerie Higgins

A young ninja girl finds and unusual way to kill a werewolf


Andrew Euston

This is the second chapter of the journey of Takeo. It is as of now unfinished but I thought i would put it up to see what you thought of it

Mist and Shadow

Charlene Skipper

Well, in my Elfwood art sites, Kage may be a familiar face. This is about him and the debue of another character of story-form. Not gonna give anything away, you'll just have to read it for yourself. Its not one of my better stories but I kinda like it...Its really more of an introduction to other stories I hope to have about them, soon

Lady of the Waste

David Meredith

On a warm spring day a samurai Lord comes across a beautiful young women in dire need. Captivating as he finds, is she really everything that she seems? Is she more? And what is the black shadow that seems to shroud her heart with darkness of despair? I would rate this one PG-13 for fantasy violence and mild adult content. Some reader discretion is advised. There are a number of Japanese language terms used in the text, but I believe all to either be so widely recognized by the English speaking public that they need no explanation (i.e. kimono, katana, etc.) or are sufficiently explained within the body of the text. I invite and encourage all comments and hope you will check out my other work as well.

For Glory and Honor

Tara Palmer

A group of chosen warriors set out on a quest to bring back the ultimate weapon for one of their kingdoms. But is the weapon what they expect?